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Call of Duty 2

Desert Attack

Desert Attack
Operation Thunder Operation Thunder
Operation Thunder

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Published on Dec 13, 2018


Operation Thunder is a military fighting game. You play as Captain George, and you must rescue 200 hostage soldiers. It will be a difficult task as the enemy base is heavily guarded by aircraft, soldiers and robot gun turrets, there are land mines everywhere too, you can throw grenades as well as shoot though. look out for bonus pick-ups or you won't survive very long.


Are you found of the famous historical battles of Alexander the Great? If your answer is yes, then you must try this brand new online flash game. It is an exciting real time strategy warfare game. Pay attention to the fact that you must use all your ...

Alexander the Great
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One more amazing and interesting online flash game is coming! Have your ever imagined yourself becoming a hero? All the people are pronouncing your name and applausing. You can make your dreams come true with the The First Hero game! You get an oppor...

The First Hero
1255 plays

We are glad to present you the second part of the world famous online flash game called Carrot Fantasy Extreme. It is an amazing tower defense online flash game, which has been created for children. Do your best in order to defend your Carrot from un...

Carrot Fantasy Extreme 2
1545 plays

Welcome Captain! The Kingdom of Rivaros is under great threat! The villainous warlord Gandor has wage war against our once great empire. Thanagar is the only city that has yet to be captured. We must fight back and liberate our brothers. ...

1 Will Survive 2
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One unpleasant pal has locked you up in a bathroom, because he wants your cash. Find the way out of trouble and win. Have luck!...

Escape From The Bathroom
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Bomber Girl is a ridiculous adventure online flash game. You control the girl and your task is to destroy everything on your way. Use arrows to move player, X key to plant a game and C key to control a bomb explode. Have fun! ...

Bomber Girl
612 plays

Operation Maus is a shooter where you play as a solider who appears to be in rage mode, your mission is to seek out and kill a dictator named Commandante Maus. The secret service has confirmed that he is in possession of knowledge on how to build a m...

Operation Maus
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Meet another zombie game. Here you will play for both – humans and zombies. Try to get through all the dangers and obstacles of the game and remain alive. We wish you good fortune!...

354 plays