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Call of Duty 2

Desert Attack

Desert Attack
Operation Thunder Operation Thunder
Operation Thunder

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Published on 19, 2017


Operation Thunder is a military fighting game. You play as Captain George, and you must rescue 200 hostage soldiers. It will be a difficult task as the enemy base is heavily guarded by aircraft, soldiers and robot gun turrets, there are land mines everywhere too, you can throw grenades as well as shoot though. look out for bonus pick-ups or you won't survive very long.


With the help of the amazing and cool Team Of Robbers online game you can try yourself in the role of a real thief! Rod houses, museums, banks to get money and precious objects! You have demonstrate excellent game skills and control four different ch...

Team Of Robbers
136 plays

Dungeon Hunt is a brand new online flash game, which is very similar to the famous online flash game called Gaunlet. The story is that your character has been infected by the zombies and now your objective is to escape from this dangerous dungeon. Us...

Dungeon Hunt
151 plays

Edward & the Strange Invasion is a brand new point and click online flash game, in which you have to use all your investigative skills. The problem is that you have found very strange plant monsters, which really kill people. Try to find a weed-whack...

Edward & the Strange Invasion
99 plays

We are glad to present you the next part of the famous online flash game called World Wars. As in the previous part, you must do your best in order to conquer the world. You can choose the country you play. For example, Europe or just select Random. ...

World Wars 2
158 plays

Shadez Black Operations is a novice game, which will get your attraction from the very beginning. This is a 2D game. It was created in the genre of RTS. It is utterly captivating. You will become a general. Could you believe that? You will command th...

Shadez Black Operations
161 plays

Perm Protector is a brand new amazing tower defense online flash game. This game is unique, because your enemies travel along the path by ground and even air. You should use all your tactical skills in order to place towers in appropriate places to p...

144 plays

Try this brand new version of Terraguardian. Your task is to control the wee tank. Kill all the birds in the sky. By the way, you need not only to get rid of the birds, but also you have to destroy all the flying plans. Be alert, because the planes w...

TerraGuardian 2
143 plays

Far, far away in the space there exists another world called Tadpole. Its inhabitants, evil and bloody aliens have decided to take under control our dear planet. They have only that goal. Your objective is to prevent that. Summon your courage and ski...

Defense of World UFO
121 plays