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Demonic Defence 4

A.L.I.A.S 2

A.L.I.A.S 2
Operation Maus Operation Maus
Operation Maus

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Published on Dec 15, 2018


Operation Maus is a shooter where you play as a solider who appears to be in rage mode, your mission is to seek out and kill a dictator named Commandante Maus. The secret service has confirmed that he is in possession of knowledge on how to build a mausbomb and they have located him hiding in Mausland. The enemy has left a ton of mines around, be careful not to step on those. Extra men can be picked upon the way. just don't get reckless, watch out for all the enemy soldiers, mines and planes as well as some power-ups.


The enemies have occupied your city. You are an elite soldier and everybody rely on you. Get inside the city and put to end all the enemies. Use weapon to your liking and overcome everyone. Go ahead and become a hero!...

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Doom Patrol is another addictive shooter, which will not leave you indifferent. Therefore, move aside all of your tasks and enjoy it at full!...

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Close Quarter Combat - Your job in this game is to.... blow up the entire place! Sounds like fun! ...

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You have a tremendous opportunity of participating in the war of robots. You should create your own robot-dog, test it and teach different helpful things. Afterwards, you can go to the war. Enjoy it!...

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Ben 10 Saving Bellwood is a game for real defensemen who are ready to withstand the onset of the villain Megawatt. He assaults the native city of Ben 10 – Bellwood. The main enemy is made of electricity and has great amounts of destructive powers. ...

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Implacable foes are trying to kill your character. They all should be vanquished! But how? There are bombs and weapons at your service! Use them when needed! Surmount all obstacles, break down all barriers, receive many coins, collect additional bonu...

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Spanthera is an exciting physics-based online flash game. You play as the king Leonidas and you task is to kill all the lizard invaders in each level. Just choose the appropriate power and angle in order to throw your appear exactly in lizards` heads...

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