Ninja Man

Ninja Man

SeethingSwarm: Ninja

SeethingSwarm: Ninja
On The Wheels On The Wheels
On The Wheels

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Published on Nov 21, 2017


On The Wheels

The streets have got out of control. Help Rasta Gran clean up the streets and teach those thugs a lesson. Collect all the weed and reach the police helicopter to complete the level. ...

Rasta Gran
268 plays

Kill the Plumber is a unique ridiculous game, in which you play as the enemies instead of the main hero. There are several exciting game mode such as: time survival and boss fights. In boss fights you play as a real boss. You can play as flying Big G...

Kill the Plumber
170 plays

Don't Eat Me...

Don't Eat Me
275 plays

Sleepless Asassin is an addictive and breathtaking online game developed by famous Armored Games. Your main goal is to collect all the gold coins and find the exit from the level. Be ready to face a lot of difficulties and obstacles! Get rid of all t...

Sleepless Asassin
157 plays

Lost Animals is a brand new amazing online flash game, in which you must help poor animals, which have lost their way. To do it, just use your cannon in order to shoot them into the cage. Pay attention to the fact that your time is limited and you wi...

Lost Animals
124 plays

Try this brand new online flash game, which gives you an opportunity to try yourself as a real taxi driver. Your objectives are very simple: you must pick a man and take him to the destination without damaging your car too much. Have fun!...

Taxi Driver Challenge
142 plays

Monster Bark is a brand new amazing skill-based old school online flash game. The story is that your favorite Bark the dog has been robbed by the monsters. The problem is that many other friends have been robbed to and now you are the only one, who c...

Monster Bark
146 plays

Do you like tanks? If your answer is yes, then this ridiculous online physics-based online flash game is really for you. Your task is to reach finish and destroy all the enemies with your cannon. By the way, you drive a unique wooden tank. In this ga...

202 plays