Zombie Blitz

Zombie Blitz

1 Will Survive 2

1 Will Survive 2
Obama vs Zombies Obama vs Zombies
Obama vs Zombies

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Published on 17, 2018


Zombies are attacking the White House and Obama is left to fend for himself. Find weapons and survivors to fight your way through waves of zombies until someone comes to your rescue.

Are you a witty person? Are you good with logics? Because in this very game you will have to put to use logical thinking to feed all those zombies with all those prisoners. Have you got it? Good! Then start it right away and enjoy at full!...

459 plays

We are glad to present you the next part of the famous online flash game called Zomback. This game has more exciting graphics and gameplay than the previous part. The story is that human beings have turned into ugly zombies and your task is to help t...

Zomback 2
444 plays

Attention! Evil forces of aliens assault our dear planet! They wish to destruct all our cities and turn all the people into ugly zombies. You cannot fail, as you are the last hope of the entire humanity! Destroy their devilry machines and kill all th...

Stark Raving Ted
324 plays

Mexican Zombie Defense is a brand new ridiculous tower defense online flash game. Your enemies are angry zombies which want to eat all your brains. To prevent it you must locate your forces along the path. Use all your strategical skills to located f...

Mexican Zombie Defense
472 plays

Create your own outstanding costume of a real hero and eliminate all those enemies. There will be a lot of evil witches, wicked goblins, foul zombies and so on. To cut short, there will be a lot of fun and pure entertainment. Are you in for the party...

Zombie Balloon Heads Halloween
411 plays

The village of nice pokemons is under assault of the enemies. Only Pikachu can stop their assault. Put to use his specific and dangerous attack – Thunderbolt shot and vanquish the team of Rockets and their pokemons. Mind that your energy levels wil...

495 plays

If you enjoy playing a popular and definitely cool The Last Stand online game, then this hacked version is right for you! Now you get times more challenging levels and exciting tasks. There are lots of ammo, weapons, heath and damage in this brand ne...

The Last Stand Hacked
584 plays

Shoot the incoming waves of zombies. Watch out for ones that jump towards you fast. ...

Ragdoll Zombie Slayer
389 plays