Sinjid Shadow Of The Warrior

Sinjid Shadow Of The Warrior

Take To The Streets

Take To The Streets
Ninjack Ninjack

Published on 23, 2018


Have you ever dreamt of trying yourself as a real ninja? If your answer is yes, then you must try this brand new online flash game called Ninjack. This is an exciting skill-based adventure online flash game, in which your objective is to collect as much gold as you can to pass the level. Pay attention to the fact that the exit doors will open only after you have collected all the keys. Notice that you have only one life and it means that you must use all your skills in order to avoid enemies and various dangerous obstacles. Use arrows to move and spacebar to attack. Have fun!

Ninja Dog Quest is a brand new funny adventure online flash game, in which your task is to control real ninja dogs. Help them to collect all the golds on their way for better score points. Be careful, because ninja cats, birds and separate traps are ...

Ninja Dog Quest
229 plays

Try yourself in the role of the chief of an Indian tribe in the late 1800’s fighting against American army in the exciting and cool tactical Field Command 3 online game! Do your best to lead your people to freedom! You will need to choose various o...

Field Command 3
234 plays

One Click Ninja is a brand new breathtaking game available online and for free! The Ninja family got into troubles because of the constant hostile attacks. You play as Super Ninja, who has to complete a special secret task from the supervisor. You ne...

One Click Ninja
213 plays

The dungeons are occupied by multiple foes. Aid the armor hero to overcome all of them. Just start it and do it!...

380 plays

This city is infested by cruel zombies. Can you fight the city back? To do that, you will fly on an advanced plane that carries explosive bombs. Drop them on the buildings and eliminate the city from those invaders. Entertain!...

381 plays

This game is about the gangsters, which means a lot of shooting and great money. Start it and prevail!...

Gangsters War Hacked
288 plays

The Mysterious Planet may have new energy sources. No one knows where they exactly are. Goku gets the task to go there and find those sources. Yet, his mission is plain and clear only at first sight. The Mysterious Planet is the home place of enemies...

DragonBall Mysterious Planet
209 plays

Working as an astronaut is surely tough. And becoming one in Trouble in Space is twice harder. On his way to Home Base a player gets caught by a meteor shower, faces rocket power problems and searches for fast ways to escape troubles and death. After...

Trouble In Space
504 plays