Dead Paradise 2

Dead Paradise 2

Sift Heads - Cartels

Sift Heads - Cartels
Ninja + Ninja +

Published on 20, 2018


Ninja + - Collect all the coins as quick as you can.

Aquarotation is an exciting full of amazing levels online flash game. You play as a captain of submarine. Use your mouse to control it and move towards the hole. When you reach the hole, you have to plug it. Be careful, avoid different obstacles and ...

251 plays

Do you like flash games, which you can play together with your friend? If your answer is yes, then this game is really for you. Try Double Dino Adventure. In this game you can see amazing ability of the Dino to change his form after eating meat. Kill...

Double Dino Adventure
227 plays

Steer This Boat is a brand new amazing online flash game, in which you must show all you skills in order to park an enormous big boat in the marina. Be careful and try to avoid various obstacles. Do your best to pass all the levels. Have fun! ...

Steer This Boat
230 plays

Adaptor is a brand new arcade pltaform-based online game, in which your main goal is to jump from one level to another. Bare in mind that the control on the coloured surfaces has changes. Use your mouse and arrow keys to play the game! Have fun! ...

352 plays

Energy Spear is a ridiculous online flash game about ninjas. Choose your character and fight with other ninjas in different competitions. Do your best in order to conquer the world of robots. Pay attention to the fact that all the characters have dif...

383 plays

Once upon a time there lived two pieces of toast in a marshmallow kingdom. They were having fun, when they noticed a chocolate muffin in front of them. They had a fight because of this tasty dessert and then one of them bit it. When King Marshmallow ...

Super Marshmallow Kingdom
282 plays

In the fantastic and breathtaking Astrobot you have to do your best to protect your lunar-base and to destroy the nest of the enemy robots. There are two modes available (campaign mode and survival mode). Damage the alien nest with the help of guns a...

512 plays

Yen-Neko is a brand new puzzle-based online flash game, which has very simple but is very addictive to play. The object of this game is to help the kitten get to the flag. Use your mouse to play this game. Click the left button to draw a new circle. ...

342 plays