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The King's League: Odyssey

The King's League: Odyssey
Nanopath Nanopath

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Published on 23, 2018


In this amazing game, you will be a nano bot. Isn’t that intriguing? Your task is to free yourself from the dominion of the evil machines. You have to reach the exit using modes. You have to create a perfect route for your ship. Passing the distance faster, using as few steps as you can, you will obtain more points. Try and improve your tactics to succeed. Mind that you should avoid bumping and crushing against the walls and jagged edges. Some levels may be pretty easy, the others utterly difficult. At some points, you will deal with multiple ships. Thus, you will have to develop a passing for each of them in a safe way, so that they did not run into one another. There is a capability of restarting the routes. Therefore, you have time to think over each step. Come on! Do your best, overcome all the impediments and become finally free! You can win!

Boat Parking 3D is a brand new parking online flash game with amazing graphics. Your objective is to use all your skills in order to park this powerful boat exactly in the rectangle. Make sure not to run into anything, like ropes, land or other boats...

Boat Parking 3D
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Demolition City 2 is an addictive and interesting physics-based online game, you have fun while blowing the objects up. Place bombs in the right places in order to get rid of the towers! This game is played with mouse only. Enjoy the game and play it...

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You are a bike messenger and this means that you have to dash through the entire town. At times, the deliveries are pleasant and sometimes, they are not. No matter what weather is outside and in which mood you are, the delivery must be done in time. ...

Bike Messenger Parking
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This is the next part of the famous online flash game called Humbug. Your task is to help Ziggy Fraud to get crown. Do your best and get this crown in any means even if it needs little cheating. Enjoy!...

Humbug 2
380 plays

Getting tired of all those perfect balance games, you're now in charge of making sure none of the objects stay balanced. You'll need to place an object upon the other objects to make them fall. The more objects that fall, the more rewards you receive...

Imperfect Balance
481 plays

Have you ever dreamt of trying yourself as a real criminal? If your answer is yes, then this game is really for you. In Getaway, you and your fellow criminals have just committed a heist and have made away with a ton of loot! Don’t think that it wi...

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Dear fried, we are glad to present you this brand new funny online flash game called Feed the Mooks. By the way, Mooks are very ridiculous creatures, which like to be fed. And as you have understood from the name of this game, your task is to feed th...

Feed the Mooks
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In our brand new online flash game called The Castle Dungeon you play a role of a brave warrior. Your objective in this game is to use all your fighting skills and show your braveness in order to escape the evil Wizard's castle, defeat all his servan...

The Castle Dungeon
290 plays