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Fun Da Vinci

The King's League: Odyssey

The King's League: Odyssey
Nanopath Nanopath

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Published on 20, 2017


In this amazing game, you will be a nano bot. Isn’t that intriguing? Your task is to free yourself from the dominion of the evil machines. You have to reach the exit using modes. You have to create a perfect route for your ship. Passing the distance faster, using as few steps as you can, you will obtain more points. Try and improve your tactics to succeed. Mind that you should avoid bumping and crushing against the walls and jagged edges. Some levels may be pretty easy, the others utterly difficult. At some points, you will deal with multiple ships. Thus, you will have to develop a passing for each of them in a safe way, so that they did not run into one another. There is a capability of restarting the routes. Therefore, you have time to think over each step. Come on! Do your best, overcome all the impediments and become finally free! You can win!

The game of basketball is very captivating. Nevertheless, there is one great trouble about it. Multiple balls bounce so often that at times, one cannot keep an eye on each and they get lost. Your objective in this very game is to find all the missing...

Hidden Basketball
175 plays

Solitario is a brand new puzzle based online flash game. In this game you can see 15 slots on the game board and 14 of them are filled with balls. Your objective is to remove all the balls except the last one. To do it, you must overcome the ball wit...

141 plays

We are glad to resent the sixth part of the famous online flash game called Just Park It. As you have understoond, if the game has six parts, then this game must be cool. Improve your parking skills while completing levels with carious difficulty mod...

Just park it 6
236 plays

Pixel Dash is a very simple but very addictive to play online flash game. It is a fast paced action platformer. Your task is to guide your pixel through tons of obstacles in order to collect enough coins to beat the level. Pay attention to the fact t...

Pixel Dash
99 plays

Feel yourself in the role of the manager of the famous Game Studio! Do everything possible to prove that you are the best and beat other rival studios. Manage your studio to earn big sums of money and to make it prosperous. You can even get some cool...

134 plays

Meet a fantastic and captivating Tastes and Tales adventure online game! Now you are in the kitchen and you have to find new various objects! Do your best and set a new high score! Good luck! ...

115 plays

The driving deal is complex on the road. However, on the off-road it will become more complicated. If you are not afraid of challenges, you should try this great game. Destruct all the aims and succeed in each level. Don’t waste time and try it!...

Off-Road Challenge Destruction
2 plays

In the brand new Madville online game you can try yourself in the role of a hero! Your task is to save the world, which is in terrible danger! Thanks God there is always a hero, who can cope with all the problems! You can never meet two same heroes. ...

142 plays