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The King's League: Odyssey

The King's League: Odyssey
Nanopath Nanopath

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Published on Dec 11, 2017


In this amazing game, you will be a nano bot. Isn’t that intriguing? Your task is to free yourself from the dominion of the evil machines. You have to reach the exit using modes. You have to create a perfect route for your ship. Passing the distance faster, using as few steps as you can, you will obtain more points. Try and improve your tactics to succeed. Mind that you should avoid bumping and crushing against the walls and jagged edges. Some levels may be pretty easy, the others utterly difficult. At some points, you will deal with multiple ships. Thus, you will have to develop a passing for each of them in a safe way, so that they did not run into one another. There is a capability of restarting the routes. Therefore, you have time to think over each step. Come on! Do your best, overcome all the impediments and become finally free! You can win!

Something has happened to these people! They all want to reach your beloved PS3. Your task is to protect and defend it from these game zombies. You can even shoot them, if they get too close. Be careful, with every level the game becomes harder and h...

Defend Your PS3
184 plays

Pot to use your originality, some knowledge about physics and a great desire to have fun. This is all that is needed to win in Gravity Master. Your main aim is to reach the ball until the end of the level, making different shapes and figures in the f...

Gravity Master
193 plays

We are glad to present you this amazing arcade online flash game called Mr. Figgles. In this game you must control and guide Mr. Figgles and grab all the stars in each level in order to pass it. Pay attention to the fact that your time is limited and...

Mr Figgles
175 plays

Do you like the great stories about brave and dangerous pirates, who are the main disaster of all seven seas. If your answe is yes, then you must try this brand new online flash game about pirates called Pirate Ship Docking for sure. You can play mo...

188 plays

Among all kinds of travels, a journey through an open space is the most exciting. In this game, you will receive such a splendid opportunity to explore other plants of another solar system. Isn’t that great? You will have different objectives and a...

Space Crane Parking
173 plays

A brand new amazing Brian Blastoff online game is coming! You get an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the space while flying your copter on steroids. It is so easy to play - you will need only one mouse button! Don't hesitate and click "Play"! Enjo...

196 plays

Do you remember the world famous old school online flash game called Minesweeper? If your answer is yes, then this virtual version of it is really for you. Your objective is the same as in the previous part but this game has a more beautiful graphics...

278 plays

The Tribal Attacks is a brand new tower defense online flash game. The story is that you have lost in the mystic forest, which is known for the cruelest tribes. Your task is to destroy all the enemies before they reach you. Try to use all your strate...

The Tribal Attacks
145 plays