Simpsons Run Bart Run

Simpsons Run Bart Run

The Mother of the Bird Men

The Mother of the Bird Men
Montezumas Gold Montezumas Gold
Montezumas Gold

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Published on Oct 15, 2018


What a brilliant weather! The day is really perfect for going on trip to the city of Aztec. This place is famous for the treasures, which are hidden here. Luckily, some of your friends have the map of the famous gold seeker Jim White and you have all the chances to find the gold. Seach for the expensive treasures and don't give up! You are almost at the place of your destination. Good luck!

The Idiot Test is a funny and entertaining game, which will truly give you tons of pleasure. You have many tries, so you have time. Enjoy as you wish!...

The Idiot Test
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You have been hired to work in a taxi company and your goal is to earn as much money as possible with the races, using it to improve, repair or buy new cars ...

Gangster Ace Taxi - Metroville City
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You have a possibility to play in a world after dangerous nuclear war. Almost all the population of the planet is dead. There are no trees, flowers, buildings and even oxygen. Your task is to resurrect the planet after this disaster. Kill mutants and...

Nuclear Plant
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Abducted by Aliens is the first part of the three-part sequel. The story is that you have been abducted by the aliens. It has happened after you have been checking out the stars in a brand new powerful telescope. And then a UFO came down. And now yo...

Abducted by Aliens
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An amazing game, in which you can test your Sherlock Holmes skills. Use all your knowledge and intuition to find all the hidden objects. By the way, there are more than 125 hidden items all over the painting. Try yourself in one of two difficulties a...

Hidden Master 7
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This is a 2-in-1 game, which will simultaneously entertain kids and will help them to learn alphabet. Try this useful thing!...

Ice Age Find The Albpeaters
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The year is 2070! You take part in the project on constructing robots, but something goes wrong. One morning you wake up and see the whole engineer crew is missing. You look in the window and you notice that San Diego is on fire and filled with evil ...

Robot Repair
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Premier League Emblems is an amazing online memory flash game for real football fans. This game gives a great possibility to test your knowledge of football emblems. Your task is to open picture, remember it and then find exactly the same picture. Wh...

Premier League Emblems
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