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Dale and Peakot
Money Miner 2 Money Miner 2
Money Miner 2

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Published on Oct 23, 2017


We are glad to present you the next part of the famous online flash game called Money Miner. This time miner has left caves and moved to the jungles in order to find treasures. And as you know, there are a lot of dangers in the jungle. Each level has a target "cash" amount to reach, and you'll guide your claw to grab the money from the nearby streams, rivers, and lakes Pay attention to the fact that you can upgrade your instrument and dynamite after each level in the shop. Do your best in order to become the richest man in the world. Good luck!

Try this weird and funny game. You can see what would look like the children of famous people, if they were dogs. Join the fun!...

Celebrity Pedigree
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Western Craft - Collect the coins and kill the guards before the sheriff arrives! ...

Western Craft
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Pink and Bluoo are in their new adventurous trip to a Treasure Land. These guys are brave & clever enthusiasts. Nevertheless, they need help in collecting diamonds (each of them likes a different kind) and passing to new levels. Can they count on you...

Bluoo Pink Extreme
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In Absorbed flash game the story takes part in the nearest future. You were present in the secret laboratory, when a science experiment had failed. Now you must complete various quests in order to find the Absorption Cannon and get back home. Enjoy t...

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Live Puzzle is for sure the best puzzle online flash game. In this game your task is to create a moving image, but not static. So you must use all your skills to finish this game. Enjoy!...

Live Puzzle
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Oh, no! Mario’s toy factory is under assault of Donkey Kong once again! He has robbed it and many robot toys are missing now. However, some of them have escaped and now, they are lost somewhere in the forest. This forest is overcrowded with dangers...

Luigi Go Adventure
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Red Girl In The Woods is a brand new exciting game, but don’t think that this game has the same ending as the tale about the Red Hood. In this game Red Riding Hood is very brave and loves adventures.This time she has decided to go for a walk in a d...

Red Girl In The Woods Hacked
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Medieval Smash is an amazing physics-based online flash game. In this game you must show all your shooting skills and your task is to select the right angle and power in order to set a new highscore. Smash the castle and kill the enemies! But be care...

Medieval Smash Hacked
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