Diamond Connect Mania

Diamond Connect Mania

Heroestick 3

Heroestick 3
Mercedes-Benz Differences Mercedes-Benz Differences
Mercedes-Benz Differences

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Published on Oct 15, 2018


This outstanding game will bring you great amounts of pleasure, if you like racing and cars. You should determine the differences between two pictures within the shortest terms, for your time is limited. Use your mouse to play it. You may be mistaken not more than 5 times. Otherwise, you will lose. To puzzle out every pair of pictures you will have 2 minutes only. Consequently, you must be utterly quick. In occasion, you cannot cope with the tasks in time you may turn off the limitation mode and play it easier.

Parking Mania Game is a captivating and exciting driving game, in which you need to have excellent driving skills and a precise hand. Your time is unlimited, so take as long as you would like. Remember that you mustn’t get crashed and get hit. You ...

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Year’s most exciting sport game will begin any minute now. A character (you) is a valet. Parking expensive cars on the correct areas is how he gets money. Rise in profits. Succeed to move to another level. The goal should be achieved in a limited p...

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Put to test your driving skills and try to overcome all the opponents in this captivating game. Take part in 7 various races and earn the greatest number of points. For every successful race, you will get 10 points. For having the fastest lap, you wi...

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In this game, you will deal with three pictures of Monster Trucks. Your objective is to find the hidden letters. There are 26 secret letters. You may be sure that the search will be utterly difficult. You can be mistaken only 5 times at observing eac...

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Park My Limo Game is an exciting online parking game. Your task is to park amazing limo on a predefined place. Have fun!...

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Having strong nerves and great concentration, you will succeed in Bus Controller. In this game, you will have to face the chaos of the city’s bus traffic. You will have tough times to avoid crashes on the road. The more buses are on the road, the g...

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Hammer H3 Jigsaw is an outstanding game, which will fully satisfy all of your requirements. With such game, you will spend your time with great pleasure. You have to resolve the puzzle. There are 4 various modes for you to choose. The first two are s...

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18 Wheels Driver 5 is an amazing and exciting truck driving online game, in which you get a new job in a new town. Your objective is to deliver various goods across the town. Do your best to avoid crashed and driving over pedestrians walking by. If y...

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