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KungFu Remix
Megaman Project X Time Trial Megaman Project X Time Trial
Megaman Project X Time Trial

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Published on Nov 21, 2017


Megaman Project X Time Trial is a brand new online flash game, which has been developed for all the Project X fans. In this game you have an opportunity to choose your character between Magaman, Zero and Bass. Pay attention to the fact that they all have different abilities, so choose the one who is more suitable for you. Do your best in order to complete your task earlier than the time runs out. Do your best in order to pass the game as fast as possible. Good luck!

Spikes Tend to Kill You is a famous 8-bit online flash game, in which you need to reach finish. Jump over the walls and avoid spikes, because they tend to kill you. Have fun! ...

Spikes Tend to Kill You
112 plays

The powerful and terrible Humungousaur is getting into action. Your main goal is to take him to the place of his destination. Sounds easy, doesn't it? In fact, the task is quite challenging, because you have to avoid falling into pits. Use space bar ...

Humongous Run
172 plays

Salta Col is an amazing puzzle-based online flash game, which has millions of fans all over the world. Today there is only one male and female Salta col in existence, but unfortunately they are worlds apart. So, your objective is to lead male through...

Salta Col
144 plays

We are glad to present you the third of the most famous 3 match online flash game called Match Adventure. Your objective is the same as in any other classical 3 match online flash game and it means that you have to match up three or more blocks of th...

Match 3 Adventure
156 plays

I Need Air! The title explains it all! IN this Puzzle Game you have to rescue the men trapped underwater by shooting at their shackles and setting them free before they drown. Once the chains are broken the men will go up for much needed air. But wai...

I Need Air
310 plays

Meet the continuation of a famous and poplar game! The famous Cleopatra will reveal to you all her secrets and mysterious knowledge. Isn’t that great? Take this advantage! Playing this game, your main goal is to find all the treasures of Cleopatra....

Ancient Jewels 3
211 plays

Like bubble-shooter games? Try Kangaroo ball game out! Play the animal, who is about to escape the bubbles just before they come too close! There’s a bubble shooter in your hands! Use it and make sets of 3 and more of the identical color. Receive p...

Kangraoo Ball
173 plays

The bloody zombies are on their hunt again. They desire men flesh and you are that hero who is going to stop them. Use bombs to explode those evil beasts. You can also blow up blocks so that they got crushing the undead. It’s up to you. Have fun!...

Zombie Physics
185 plays