Avatar Elemental Escape

Avatar Elemental Escape

Chariot Chasedown

Chariot Chasedown
Material Mole Material Mole
Material Mole

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120 Plays

Published on 14, 2017


This game is a truck game in which you carry load from one point to the other, buts that's not all. It also has random goods that you can drop in to your trolley along with hidden packages that you can find, upgrades, and many more. Overall the the game is complex and very addictive.

Amazing news for the Red Ball game fans! The next sequel of the famous and popular game is coming! Your task is to bring the red and blue balls to the end of the island. Press Up/W/Space to jump, ←→/AD to move, R to replay. If you want to make a ...

Red Ball 4
135 plays

One more amazing and captivating game is coming! Meet Ship Loader! In this game you have to load your ship with boxes. Mind that there are boxes of different weight and you need to demonstrate all your skills to cope with them. This game is played wi...

127 plays

Try this brand new sequel of the famous game called Piggy Wiggy. But this time there are one more usual piggies. It is Zombie edition, so there are zombie piggies. You must use all your brain skill in order to pass all the levels. Your task is to mak...

112 plays

Deep Creatures is a very simple but very addictive to play adventure online flash game. You play a role of a fire-breathing monster that battles other monsters with the help of your axe or hammer or whatever it is. Use arrows to control, A to breathe...

Deep Creatures
95 plays

We are glad to present you the next part of the famous online flash game called park Your Ride. This time the story takes part in Shanghai where you have found a new job. The company is ready to hire you but the problem is that you must get the licen...

Park your Ride 2 Shanghai
85 plays

You are a real space robber. Your task is to escape from the rescue and reach your planet as fast as possible. Be careful and avoid hitting any obstacles on your way. Go, intergalactic robber! Good luck!...

Intergalactic Robber
143 plays

You can try yourself in this exciting building online flash game, in which you must create a rollercoaster. Pay attention to the fact that the better your rollercoaster is, the more coins you will get. Do all you can in order to prove that your rolle...

Rollercoaster Creator
102 plays

In this game you go an amazing trip to Mars with two friends Daffy Duck and Porky Pig. Unfortunately, you get into a dangerous asteroid area. Your task is to destroy all the asteroids to save your lives and the spaceship. Help the friends to get out ...

Duck Dodgers Planet 8 from Upper Mars: Mission 2
128 plays