Avatar Elemental Escape

Avatar Elemental Escape

Chariot Chasedown

Chariot Chasedown
Material Mole Material Mole
Material Mole

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Published on Nov 13, 2018


This game is a truck game in which you carry load from one point to the other, buts that's not all. It also has random goods that you can drop in to your trolley along with hidden packages that you can find, upgrades, and many more. Overall the the game is complex and very addictive.

It is the end of the world as we know it. The earth will face destruction no matter what you do but you can delay the demise destruction of earth by shooting down all incoming asteroid. Hit the nuclear icon to trigger nuclear explosion and destroy al...

The End Of The World
429 plays

Feel yourself in the role of the coinbox hero with this captivating and interesting game! You will need to steal the coinbox to get money for buying new weapons, powerups and upgrades. When you have enough money, buy the most powerful weapon and de...

1229 plays

Ticket is a brand new online flash game with a lot of exciting adventures. The story is that you have won a lottery and now your task is to reach the office and take your prize. You can play as a man and as his dog. Complete different task is order t...

861 plays

Steampunk is a ridiculous online flash game, in which you can meet all your favorite heroes. Your main task is to realize who is a bad and who is a good hero. Then, you have to save good characters. Have no mercy to bad ones. Kill them all using var...

757 plays

How many brave firefighters do you know? Ready to join the list? Fight against infernos! Extinguish fires! Save lives! Save properties! What will you get? Respect, money! The latter will help in upgrading skills & abilities to succeed in other confla...

1491 plays

Rebounce is the best variant for basketballs! Feel the spirit of this cool game for real men online! Your objective is to score as many points as possible. Adjust the angle, the power and shoot! Use the mouse to drag and shoot, press space bar to get...

289 plays

Tug of War is a well-known and beloved game of great number of players from around the world. Would you like to join them? Among different themed games, Trucks of War steps out of the crowd. In this game, you will definitely receive great dose of adr...

617 plays

Mini Sports Challenge is a funny and cool sports online game, in which you will need to demonstrate excellent skills at running, swimming, jumping and paddling. All in all, there will be 4 different competitions. Get ready to get amazing result and b...

Mini Sports Challenge
178 plays