MR LAL The Detective 1

MR LAL The Detective 1

Jelly Drips

Jelly Drips
Lost Island Lost Island
Lost Island

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Published on Dec 17, 2018


In the funny and enjoyable Lost Island online game you have to defeat all the monsters and cope with all the quests using various important items. All in all, there 9 unique items, which you have to find and collect. At the every level you will meet a great variety of monsters, a unique quest and map. Complete the quest and collect all the stars to pass the level. The game is worth playing for its fantastic design and cool details. Enjoy the game!

Penguin Dinner is an exciting online flash game, in which you can test all your business skills. You play as a Penny The Penguin and your task is to serve as many penguins as possible. Pay attention to the fact that the more happy customers you serve...

Penguin Diner
363 plays

You are inside of this mysterious maze and you ought to get out of it at any cost. Do your best, as every next stage will be harder to accomplish than the previous one. Have faith in you and good fortune will come to you!...

992 plays

Unfortunately, the streets of this city are badly damaged. Fortunately, it has you to repair them. Drive a bobcat and park it utterly careful. Get the required materials for repairing works and deliver them to the damaged areas. Be watchful with traf...

Bobcat Parking
1287 plays

The Back Cat In The Box is an amazing physics based online flash game, in which your task is to make the cat to stand on the yellow platform. Destroy different obstacles on your way by clacking with your mouse on them. In the hacked version all the l...

Black Cat In The Box Hacked
232 plays

Johnny Rocketfingers - Help Johnny save the little girl that has been kidnapped. ...

Johnny Rocketfingers
1029 plays

Do you like shopping? Playing this game, this activity will become ever more attractive and interesting. Enjoy!...

3 plays

What a mysterious and creepy game! The Sound Walk game is based on a dark and adventurous journey. Keep the rhythm and get till the end of the game. Do everything possible to find your way to redemption! Use arrow keys to play this game. Play hard an...

495 plays

Zuck Launcher is an amazing game, in which you must show all your knowledge and logics. Your task is to fire Zucks to cause chain reaction. Collect all the coins in order to pass the level. Use your mouse and arrow keys for control. Good luck!...

Zuck Launcher
223 plays