Dots: Revamped

Dots: Revamped

You're Grounded!

You're Grounded!
Logical Element Logical Element
Logical Element

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Published on 17, 2018


Logical Element is an exciting online game, in which you need to make your brain work hard! Your objective is to enable all ouputs. You can achieve your aim by switching the buttons. By the way, there is a sandbox mode, which gives you an opportunity to design your own logic circuits. Enjoy the game!

Those ugly and terrifying zombies desire men flesh again! The main character of this game wishes to rescue his little sister who is lost somewhere in this big city. Will you aid him? Get through all the hazards of the infested city, kill zombies and ...

301 plays

Ben 10 Saving Bellwood is a game for real defensemen who are ready to withstand the onset of the villain Megawatt. He assaults the native city of Ben 10 – Bellwood. The main enemy is made of electricity and has great amounts of destructive powers. ...

Ben 10 Saving Bellwood
254 plays

Do you like point and click escape online flash games? If your answer is yes, then this brand new online flash game is really for you. In this game you have a great opportunity to visit the mysterious purple forest. Your aim is to use all your skills...

Midnight Purple Forest Secrets
168 plays

We have good news for all the Solitaire card game fans. Try our brand new virtual version of this famous card game. The rules are the same as in the original game. It means that you need to remove all the cards until only the aces are left. When the ...

Aces Up Solitaire
352 plays

Get into your vehicle and go as far as you will be capable to get. Show your mastery and just enjoy this amazing game!...

Don't Mess With Putin
184 plays

Do you like adventure online flash games? If your answer is yes, then you must try our online flash game called Chota Boy Adventure. Your task is to escape from dangerous voyage. Pass all the levels avoiding devils and crocodiles. Use your jetpack by...

Chota Boy Adventure
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Oh, no! A terrible thing has happened to the Teddyland! Ugly mosters have invaded there and captured the country. These bastards don't want to go away! Use your weapons to throw the monsters down into boiling lava. Use your mouse to play the game. H...

278 plays

Meet a brand new Crazy Old Man online game. You are locked somewhere in the hospital and need to find the way out. Play as a crazy old man and help him to escape from the basement of the hospital. Be ready to complete various tasks and puzzles. Your ...

Crazy Old Man
200 plays