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Color Buster

Ant's Glider

Ant's Glider
Laser pong Laser pong
Laser pong

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Published on 22, 2018


Another Pong game, with fairly smooth paddles.use your mouse to control your pad and hit back the ball to the cpu player, music in the back ground while you play, game play is smooth and slowly builds up in speed and when you win by three points you earn your prize and can play again till you master the ping pong.


One more breathtaking and exciting parking game! This time you have to drive an American bus and park it at the bus stops, which highlighted and marked with stripes. Drive carefully! Avoid crashing into the other cars not to lose the game. If you don...

American Bus
268 plays

In Fly Me to the Moon, the planets rotate when super-mouse walks on their surface, use the trajectory of the spinning planet to collect stars and get you closer to the moon. The planets rotation will slowly close a gate in front of the moon, so don't...

Fly Me To The Moon
201 plays

Jessicas School is a funny adventure online flash game. This game is developed in the point and click style and you must help Jessica to solve different puzzles in the school. Have fun!...

263 plays

We are glad to present you this online flash game, which you for sure know from your android or iOS device. In this game you must arm your character with various weapons and equipment. And then destroy all the enemies one by one. Have no mercy to the...

Raze 2 Free
180 plays

This is the second part of the famous Totem Destroyer online flash game. Your task is the same as in previous time. Just try to destroy all of the destructible blocks. Be careful, don’t destroy the golden totem if you want to win. Try a lot of bran...

206 plays

Tobby needs, wants & aims at meeting his lovely girlfriend. He doesn’t expect any problems on his way… But to err is human. The time is limited, Tobby moves multiple squares, runs, jumps, escapes the grumpy dog… He does everything to get closer...

Jungle Woods Cutters
272 plays

Try this brand new amazing puzzle based online flash game, in which you must use all your brain skills. Your task is to move synchronized paths and patters in order to unlock the puzzle. Pay attention to the fact that a lot of pieces are moving at on...

260 plays

Every true player knows a small boy that has a great mastery with bazooka. This is a great continuation of that game. Your task is to examine the caves in a search of gold. Detonate TNT and resolve all the puzzles. Play as crazy as you wish. Have fun...

215 plays