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Color Buster

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Ant's Glider
Laser pong Laser pong
Laser pong

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Published on 16, 2018


Another Pong game, with fairly smooth paddles.use your mouse to control your pad and hit back the ball to the cpu player, music in the back ground while you play, game play is smooth and slowly builds up in speed and when you win by three points you earn your prize and can play again till you master the ping pong.


We are glad to present you this brand new ridiculous online flash game, in which you can test your coordination skills. The objective is very simple in this game. You must use all your skills in order to find Jack, who is hiding all over the map. Pay...

Flip Me Out
261 plays

This city is infested by cruel zombies. Can you fight the city back? To do that, you will fly on an advanced plane that carries explosive bombs. Drop them on the buildings and eliminate the city from those invaders. Entertain!...

329 plays

Play Rango the chameleon as he struggles to find a path through the wild west. ...

200 plays

This is the sequel of the world famous online flash game called Save your girlfriend. Evil forces have kidnapped you girlfriend again and your task is to return her back. Destroy all the enemies and become a real hero for your girlfriend. Good luck!...

326 plays

Oh, no! Your treasures have been stolen! You have to sail from land to land in the search of your valuable gem, which has been stolen by the Viking king! Defeat all these ugly undead, shamans, hordes of Vikings and much more. Use all the available we...

Viking Valor
273 plays

Our dearest Hobo has died and gone to hell! He now needs to face hordes of demons and their master Satan. This should be all in a day's work for Hobo! ...

Hobo 6: Hell
450 plays

Halloween Crazy Links is a brand new virtual version of the famous Chinese online flash game called Mahjong. Your objective is the same as in the classical version of it. And it means that you must find and match similar tiles in order to remove them...

Halloween Crazy Links
169 plays

Here, you will manage Angry Birds. To win in this game, you have to put in one row three or more of the birds to earn points. To move any bird any direction you wish, you only have to click on it with your mouse. Try to earn the biggest number of poi...

angry birds swap
166 plays