Color Buster

Color Buster

Ant's Glider

Ant's Glider
Laser pong Laser pong
Laser pong

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Published on Oct 19, 2017


Another Pong game, with fairly smooth paddles.use your mouse to control your pad and hit back the ball to the cpu player, music in the back ground while you play, game play is smooth and slowly builds up in speed and when you win by three points you earn your prize and can play again till you master the ping pong.


If you are searching for an easy, but captivating physics-based puzzle game, then you are on the right way! Play our brand new Collider online game and pass all the 25 levels! You have to place the particle balls above the line. Then, you need to cli...

156 plays

A perilous experience is waiting for a player! Your character is to pull through a cruel dungeon, cope with defiant goals, win... The goal is of an intricate sort, isn’t it? Use your powers. Apply all efforts. Don’t underestimate your weapons. En...

Baron's Door
191 plays

Zombie Head Switch is a funny and addictive game available online and for free! In order to develop and evolve to the next level, zombies have to switch their heads and brains. Your task is to help them catch the correct head and collect the brains t...

Zombie Head Switch
137 plays

The dog seems to be really afraid of water! Your task is to guess words in order to save this poor creature. Use all your smartness and typing skills to do it quickly! Enjoy the game and rescue the dog!...

Johnny Test - Dukey Bath
150 plays

Your aim is to make this Luigi happy. To do that, you should reach the mushroom. Move Luigi in the given space and get the mushroom. Do not contact with the enemy, for you will lose. As you reach mushrooms, your score enhances and you will promote to...

Luigi bounce
167 plays

Do you think that you know Chris Tucker well? If your answer is yes, then you must try this brand new online flash game, in which you can make ridiculous pranks calls to your friends. At first, you must match all the Chris Tucker phrases from the mov...

Chris Tucker Sound Board
106 plays

I think you surely know the famous Disney cartoon called Tom and Jerry. If you like these funny guys, you will be glad to play this exciting game with your favorite characters. Your task is to find all the hidden letters on the screen. Use your mouse...

Tom and Jerry - Hidden Letters
139 plays

In this football game, your objective is to find all the missing balls and bring them back to their owners. With this, you will spare good sum of money to keep this wonderful kind of sports alive. Keep in your mind that this task is utterly complex. ...

Hidden Football
185 plays