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Tatra Truck Memory

Autumn War

Autumn War
Kohinoor Diamond Recovery Kohinoor Diamond Recovery
Kohinoor Diamond Recovery

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Published on 10, 2017


Do you like escape online flash games? If your answer is yes, then our brand new online flash game called Kohinoor Diamond Recovery is really for you. As you know, Kohinoor Diamond is the most famous and valuable diamond in the world. The story is that you play a role of a man, who is responsible for its safety. The problem is that the burglar has stolen it. And now your objective in this point and click online flash game is to enter the burglar`s house and then solve all the puzzle and find the diamond. Good luck!

We are glad to present you the second part of the famous adventure online flash game called Diamond Hunt. This part is called the Lonely Island and this time is the 70th game from knfgame.com. As in the previous part you play a role of a boy called M...

Diamond Hunt 2 Lonely Island
107 plays

Have a look in the life of young cinema stars with the help of the addictive and interesting Under Cover online game! Your objective is to catch the most revealing moments in the lives of the starlets and take photos! Do your best not to lose this ni...

Under Cover
105 plays

Try this fourth part of the famous online flash game. As you have understood, the story continues and you are almost ready to leave this mysterious planet. But don't be in a hurry! You must find the power cell first, because you space ship doesn`t wo...

Space Survival Escape 4
88 plays

Do you like detective stories? Do you think that you can become a fine investigator? Try this game and try to find out all the circumstances of a crime. Become Sherlock Holmes of your time and use the power of your intellect at full. Have fun and ama...

Murder on the Set
140 plays

One more brand new online flash game is coming! Meet the Black First game, which is a perfect combination of cool fighting, good humour and amazing graphics. You will get to know the story of man, who used to work as a janitor, a mafia member and eve...

Black Fist
119 plays

Everybody knows about the terrible legend about Mason who always goes for a hunt on Friday the 13th. People disappear after Redwood National Park is closed. Nonetheless, if you are courageous, you can join Pedro at that time. After you will get in, y...

Creepos Tales 2
133 plays

Taxi Frenzy is a captivating and exciting taxi online game, which is quite a rare thing to play. Try yourself in the role of the driver of a cool yellow taxi car! Your task is to drive around the city, find customers and pick them up to earn money. P...

Taxi Frenzy
144 plays

According to the title, your task is to complete the image of Military Hummer. Pay attention to the fact that it is a real Jigsaw puzzle game, so you must do your best in order to create an image. Pay attention to the fact that in this game you can c...

Military Hummer Jigsaw
126 plays