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Kingdom Reaction Kingdom Reaction
Kingdom Reaction

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Published on 21, 2017


Kingdom Reaction is a chain reaction game with medieval theme. Explode 9 kinds of enemies each with unique explosion type to make the chain reaction and pass the level. Try to pass through 40 levels and free your castle. Break bottles with acid and explosive to make the chain reaction bigger. Collect coins, chests, keys, make combos to get the higher score. Earn achievements and break records.


1812 Overture is an amazing online flash game for musicians or for those, who want to try himself as a musician. Do your best in order to play greatest hits on various musical instruments. Have fun! ...

1812 Overture
174 plays

Dragon Fighter is a brand new fighting online flash game. You play as a best fighter ever, Bruce Lee. As you know, he is an establisher of powerful wushu school. Also, he was a great traveler and visited almost every country in the world. People all ...

Dragon Fighter
131 plays

In this very game, you will receive tons of pleasure. There will be a lot of running, avoiding impediments and of course, shooting the rivals. Enjoy force and speed and become the best of the best. Come on! The action is about to start. Join it now!...

Please Stop Running
153 plays

This is another puzzle game, which will finely entertain you. You have to pass successfully the road of rails. Lead the train as quickly as you can and don’t forget to gather all stars, which will add points to you. There will be multiple impedimen...

Railroad Mayhem
356 plays

Crazy Skater is a cool brand new online game for the extreme lovers! Click "Play" and go on skateboarding adventures! Your objective is to reach the end point without failing. Don't forget to earn the golden coins on your way to buy a better board! ...

Crazy Skater
90 plays

This is the beginning of 22nd century. The gene experiments have taken place and something has gone wrong. By a great mistake, there have appeared great troubles. Evil and bloody monsters are now killing every man and woman they meet. The time has co...

118 plays

Wow! This news will blow your head off! Migo Pancho is back again! This is the 6th edition and all its followers may be relaxed and satisfied. In this version, the actions will develop in Afghanistan. Are you ready to overcome all those challenges? T...

119 plays

Galactic cats is a captivating game for cat lovers. Your task is to save the galaxy from ugly hamsters. Control these four brave cats and stop the main hamster until he uses his super weapon and destroys the universe. You can play this game with your...

Galactic Cats
145 plays