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Kingdom Reaction Kingdom Reaction
Kingdom Reaction

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Published on 21, 2019


Kingdom Reaction is a chain reaction game with medieval theme. Explode 9 kinds of enemies each with unique explosion type to make the chain reaction and pass the level. Try to pass through 40 levels and free your castle. Break bottles with acid and explosive to make the chain reaction bigger. Collect coins, chests, keys, make combos to get the higher score. Earn achievements and break records.


Master Stole Painting is a captivating and exciting online game from www.brightestgames.com! The master of these paintings is a talented artist, who has painted a great variety of amazing pictures. The artist is going to organize an art exhibition, w...

578 plays

Try this brand new Dora Flower flash game. Your task is to grow beautiful flowers on your way to the finish. Beware of angry enemies and avoid different obstacles. Reach your home to finish the game. Have fun with this colorful and bright game!...

New Dora Flower World
252 plays

Are you brave enough to enter a house on Halloween, which is full of mysteries and secrets? Your task is to explore the strange house in order to find the hidden pumpkins in the pictures. You will have to face 5 scary levels with a lot of interesting...

Hidden Halloween Pumpkins
636 plays

If you are a fan of thinking and logic online games, then Wise Turn is right for you! It will definitely make your brain work hard! Your main goal is to make all the tiles point up by aligning them. The level will seem to be pretty easy in the very b...

Wise Turn
976 plays

Protect your stolen armored car with a storm of lead! Blast your pursuers, and increase the heat of your firepower with heavy upgrades! ...

Highway Pursuit 2
233 plays

Have your ever dreamt of becoming a doctor and saving people? With the help of this captivating and interesting Super Sports Surgery Basketbal game you can find out if surgery is your real vocation or not. Become a surge and rescue this poor guy! He ...

Super Sports Surgery Basketbal
5 plays

Do you like helicopters? If your answer is yes, then this game is really for you. Choose your own futuristic helicopter and then race your opponents. Don’t forget to upgrade it if you want to be the best. Good luck!...

244 plays

Do you know the famous and popular Stick Out Bike Challenge online game? In this cool game your task is to compete with a great deal of opponents, who are also taking part in the summer bike competition. Do your best to be the winner on every race. B...

Stick Out Bike Challenge
963 plays