Commando Defense

Commando Defense

Effin' Terrorists

Effin' Terrorists
Kawairun 2 Kawairun 2
Kawairun 2

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Published on 22, 2018


Showcase your skills as you run, jump, slide and dodge obstacles through a challenging campaign mode, or race against friends in multiplayer mode.

Toy Tales is an exciting puzzle based online flash game, in which your objective is to connect the same jewels in a row. Pay attention to the fact that every line will bring damage to your opponent. Try to make lines with as many jewels as possible i...

Toy Tales
522 plays

Cubi Kill 5 is another continuation of a famous series of games. Enjoy the new series right now!...

Cubi Kill 5
350 plays

Poor Michelle is lost and he wishes to get back home. Will you help him?...

Maze 3
273 plays

In this funny game, your objective is to lead this Cyclops to the required platforms. This will not be very easy, but with some eagerness and smart ideas, you can slightly do that. Are you ready? Than start My Dear Boss Physics Vengeance and enjoy it...

166 plays

This is a real fishing game you will love! Ready to turn into a piranha that eats everyone who comes into its way? The fish needs flesh and blood. But if it wants to score more than usually, a piranha has to accumulate much more blood. If it succeeds...

Feed us
364 plays

Your task is to find all the documents and learn their contents. Keep in mind that your knowledge will be tested in the end. Only then, your favorite teacher will get free. Don`t forget that you can use special powder to protect yourself....

Teachers Pet
4 plays

The Dropling is an oldshool online flash game, in which your task is to collect all the coins on your way. Be careful, there will be enemies in each level, so you must be very careful. You will lose, if you have at least one hit with enemy. Pay atten...

The Dropling
305 plays

Feed the Panda is one of the sweetest and cutest flash games ever seen! You have to face one of the most challenging tasks in China! You have to feed the papa panda by solving various puzzles. Don't forget to give a candy to baby panda and you will g...

Feed the Panda
327 plays