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Perfect Balance New Trials

Perfect Balance New Trials
Kaban Steeplechase Kaban Steeplechase
Kaban Steeplechase

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Published on 20, 2018


Meet Kaban! He's no ordinary warthog though. He's armed and ready to blast everything in his way. Race your way to the finish line through the obstacle course. Shoot as much as you can rather than hitting it with your head to save up your health. Feel free to dodge the obstacles when you don't feel ready for them. Earn enough points to get Kaban to the top of the competition.


Dodo hunt is a ridiculous online flash, in which your task is to shoot all the dodo birds. Pay attention to the fact that you will lose, if you miss too many times. Do your best in order to reach the highest level possible. Good luck! ...

Dodo hunt
609 plays

Robot Wars ...

Robot Wars
757 plays

Meet our brand new online Charles 007 flash game. You play as a real 007 agent. Your task is to protect prince Charles from the bad guys! Enjoy the game!...

Charles 007
517 plays

It’s the Golden Age of Piracy. European countries unite to fight back. There are four large powers (the Netherlands, France, England and Spain) and you are the leader of one of them. This is a turn-based strategy with a single aim only – to find ...

Battle Sails
402 plays

This is the sequel of the ridiculous online flash game called Ragdoll cannon. This is an amazing physics-based game, which is full of fun and destruction. Shoot the ragdoll to the target in more than 70 levels with different difficulty. Have fun!...

460 plays

Flying Gonzo is a game full of fun! Your objective is to be accurate, choose right angle and appropriate speed. Then, get Gonzo into the pool! Try to not injure him, because you will lose stars and points! Enjoy the game and test your shooting skills...

Flying Gonzo
215 plays

Hive Defender is a ridiculous online flash game, in which you can increase your shooting skills. You play as a funny bee, which has a powerful cannon. Your task is to collect different items such as nectar for more shoots and stars for more score poi...

Hive Defender
204 plays

Destroy mines by firing torpedoes in them in the brand new Submined online game! Sounds exciting, doesn't it? You have to be careful and alert. You have only five torpedoes, so fire accurately and hit the targets. Locate the mines with the help of th...

460 plays