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Perfect Balance New Trials

Perfect Balance New Trials
Kaban Steeplechase Kaban Steeplechase
Kaban Steeplechase

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Published on 21, 2017


Meet Kaban! He's no ordinary warthog though. He's armed and ready to blast everything in his way. Race your way to the finish line through the obstacle course. Shoot as much as you can rather than hitting it with your head to save up your health. Feel free to dodge the obstacles when you don't feel ready for them. Earn enough points to get Kaban to the top of the competition.


If you are a sweet tooth, then this game is right for you! You play as a candy king, who gets furious. You feel extremely angry and you want to eat the whole world. Press WASD or Arrow keys to move, Space bar or Z to fire and X or Enter for specials....

114 plays

In this uncommon game, you will be Ms. Claus who is incredibly angry with all nasty kids all over the globe. Go and trash their Christmas trees so that they knew that they have behaved wrongly....

The Snow Runs Red
178 plays

Go to war again and show how skilful warrior you are. Shoot down all the enemies and obtain more experience. Shoot the air supplies of your allies and get novel and advanced weapons to act more effectively and prevail!...

Green Beret Castle Assault
144 plays

We are glad to present you the third part of the famous online flash game called Air Defense. Your objective is the same as in the previous parts and it means that you must use all your skills in order to defend your base and the communication tower ...

Air Defence 3
131 plays

In the brand new Steam Rocket online game you will find yourself on the unknown alien planet. Your rocket has crashed. The only way to escape is to use your jetpack or reconstruct it. Find coal, fill the boiler and blast off! Enjoy the game! ...

Steam Rocket
173 plays

Do you like historical strategy online flash games? If your answer is yes, then you must try this exciting online flash game called The Boomlands. The story takes part in the Medieval Age. You must use all your skills in order to defeat all the enemi...

The Boomlands
170 plays

There are many monsters and there are many weapons. Have you already understood what is to be done? Use your weapons effectively to destroy as many monsters as you can. Have luck!...

146 plays

The Lost World is a brand new online flash game, in which your task is to clear the game board from gems. Use your mouse to aim and shoot. Shoot the same color gem into the group of the gems to make them disappear. Pop all the gems on that level to ...

The Lost World
158 plays