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Jackice 2

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Published on Dec 07, 2018


Jackice 2 - The second instalment of Jackice is finally here! Freeze your enemies, then blast the other enemies with the giant snowball! Collect the bonuses that they drop!

Amazing news for basketball players and fans! Feel the spirit of the NBA with this captivating sport game! Your only task is to shoot the balls into the basket. You also need to mind the time. The faster you score, the more points you will get. Use y...

NBA Spirit
462 plays

Meet another fine parking game – Azure Bay Docking! However, if you think that it is an easy passing game, then you’re wrong! This time, you will have to deal with a boat! Being tired of the everyday routine, you wish to escape it and go for a se...

Azure Bay Docking
9 plays

Smokey drift is a brand new drift racing game with realistic graphic. You must show all your drifting skills, because your opponents are the real drifting professionals. So, pick up your helmet, step inside your fast racing car, fasten the seatbelt, ...

Smokey Drifting
300 plays

Bollywood Police is an interesting game, which was created by two friends as a school project. Your task is to answer math problems in a limited amount of time. The more correct answers you will provide, the more points you will get! Use your brains ...

Bollywood Police
354 plays

Meet a captivating and exciting game, in which you should use your brains! Your task is to bounce orbox from block to block to find the exit. You can also complete other missions. You can move this orbox only in four directions. You will lose the gam...

Orbox C
498 plays

Wouldn’t it be great to fight against the enemies in a super tank? We bet it would. And so, jump into your tank and burn them all!...

Crusader Tank Hacked
907 plays

Oh, no! It rained really hard these days. Now all the citizens are sufferring from the swollen rivers and fields. Eveything is wet and it is hard to maveuver on the roads. There are some cars of high quality, which can be driven in such a nasty weath...

Race Under Floods
240 plays

Once upon a time there lived two pieces of toast in a marshmallow kingdom. They were having fun, when they noticed a chocolate muffin in front of them. They had a fight because of this tasty dessert and then one of them bit it. When King Marshmallow ...

Super Marshmallow Kingdom
310 plays