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Jackice 2

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Published on Dec 13, 2017


Jackice 2 - The second instalment of Jackice is finally here! Freeze your enemies, then blast the other enemies with the giant snowball! Collect the bonuses that they drop!

You probably know this game from your Android or iOS device. And now it is available for you as a flash game. Your task is to save town from fire. Use all your brain skills to put out all the fires and save your friend. Be careful, try to use water ...

Water Mania
141 plays

Check out your parking skills with a great Awesome Truck Parking flash game! It is completely different from the parking games you know: it is much better! Customize your truck with bright vinyls, spolers and colours to make it look special and uniqu...

Awesome Truck Parking
183 plays

It’s a simple & funny game that you will love! No doubt about that! You know, pencil sharpening may be a tricky thing at times. There’s a sharpener/drilling machine to move towards pencils. Sharpen all pencils in your way, yet watch out impedime...

Car Thieves Mania
3 plays

Feel the true-to-life atmosphere of the soccer championship with the captivating On the Volley game! Enjoy the look of the stadium and listen to the fans cheering and clapping your hands! Click "Play" and take part in the best soccer championship! Ge...

On the Volley
169 plays

Dead Zed is a brand new ridiculous online shooter flash game, in which your task is to shoot zombies one by one. Use all your shooting skills in order to set a new high score. Do your best, if you want to survive and save all the rest survivors in th...

Dead Zed
247 plays

In this unconventional game, your target is to assist aliens in achieving greater grade of intelligence. Launch them into the cannon and shoot them far away to gather as many brains as they can. Have fun!...

138 plays

Do you remember famous cartoon about Sonic? If your answer is yes, then you must try this brand new online flash game called Final Fantasy Sonic X5. In this game you must use all your skills in order to kill the evil True Guardian. Don’t think that...

Final Fantasy Sonic X5
164 plays

Fly Plane is a brand new flash game, in which you must use all your flying skills in order to succeed. Your task is to control the red plane and collect all the red balls on your way. Pay attention to the fact you will lose life, if you pass the ball...

Fly Plane
184 plays