Lion King: Simba's Pride

Lion King: Simba's Pride


Jack in the Box Jack in the Box
Jack in the Box

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Published on 20, 2018


Control the Jacks simultaneously and guide them into their boxes. Too make things more difficult, not every Jack will act the same!

Do you have problems with learning the flags of European countries? If your answer is yes, then this game is really for. In this game you can prove your memory skills and learn the flags at once. Your task is to find two similar flags and match them ...

Europe Flags Memory
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In this challenging game, you will have to pass 40 intense puzzle levels. Lead the ball to the hexagons. Draw the lines and use ink. Mark that ink is limited. Be effective and precise....

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Castaway Troops is an amazing online flash game, which looks like a famous Snake. But instead a snake, we have a troop of pets. Your task is to lead them through 5 different lands. Try to collect as many pets as possible in order to set a new highsco...

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Your task is to defeat all the monsters to reach the next level. Try to do it as fast as possible because your time is limited....

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We are glad to present you the next part of the famous escape online flash games developers. This time you must use all your brain skills in order to escape from the Prison. As you know, it will be for sure a difficult task. Try to find all the items...

Extreme Prison Escape
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Do you think that you know Chris Tucker well? If your answer is yes, then you must try this brand new online flash game, in which you can make ridiculous pranks calls to your friends. At first, you must match all the Chris Tucker phrases from the mov...

Chris Tucker Sound Board
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Life can be just existence, when there is no freedom. Help the characters to obtain it as well. There is a crab lad. What is the crab doing? He is assisting his mates in escaping from a circus train. Is success something they can count on? Many thing...

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Try our brand new online flash game Cover Orange Gangster! Dangerous acid rain goes through the world and your task is to protect gangster orange from it. Good luck!...

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