Jenny Jockey Adventures

Jenny Jockey Adventures

Cyber Chaser

Cyber Chaser
Island of Meor Island of Meor

Published on 18, 2019


A couple of friend went on a trip and planned to spend an amazing time in the sea of Bohamra. The journey was really great and they enjoyed the beauty of the nature. A group of young people had constant parties and fun! Suddenly, the storm started and they had to land to the nearest island. The island looked strange! There were signs of people, but they could see nobody on the shore. The friends decided to explore the island...that's where their adventures begin! Enjoy the mysterious and creepy atmosphere of the game!

A special edition of the beloved and famous all over the world Gold Miner game from the puzzle series is coming! Your main goal is to explore the depth of the Earth and find as many treasures as possible. Use your claw and reel to find gold and diamo...

Gold Miner Special Edition
475 plays

This is the sequel of the exciting adventure online flash game called Riddle Transfer. You must solve different tasks in order to get away from each level. Have fun!...

388 plays

Welcome amazing Lego Truck Puzzle. There is a selection between two play modes – jigsaw and sliding. Playing jigsaw mode, you have to get the piece in the required position. If you wish to select many pieces, use the left click of the mouse. There ...

Lego Truck Puzzle
602 plays

One more creative and unusual hidden object online game is coming! In the Book of Shadows you play a a girl Rebecca, whose is crazy about collecting stories abour different ghosts, monsters, haunted houses and other strange things. She conducts vario...

Book of Shadows
264 plays

The sequel of the famous and popular online game is coming! In the Causality 2 your task is to click all over the scene and find new animations, which will help you to proceed in the game and progress the stickman storyline. You will need only your m...

567 plays

Restaurant Escape is the brand new part of the famous escape online flash games series. As you have understood, this time you are trapped in the restaurant. Can you find a way to escape this death trap? Use your mouse to navigate through each area. ...

Restaurant Escape
1008 plays

In this fascinating game, you will drive 4 cars in one level only. Obtain the cash from the banks to pay your car carrier trailer and get them parked on your truck. Come on! The fun is right about to start!...

Car Carrier Trailer 4
933 plays

Time to protect your land has come! After the epidemic broke out, many brave warriors tried to manage it, yet no one coped with the mission. Now it is your turn. Meet allies and set the plan. Fight and restore the city! Protect those, who survived, f...

1204 plays