Paper Warfare

Paper Warfare
Imperfect Balance Imperfect Balance
Imperfect Balance

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Published on 24, 2018


Getting tired of all those perfect balance games, you're now in charge of making sure none of the objects stay balanced. You'll need to place an object upon the other objects to make them fall. The more objects that fall, the more rewards you receive. Complete all the levels in a pack and move on to the next. Can you perfect all the levels?


We are glad to present you this brand new puzzle online flash game with your favorite character from movie Transformers. You play as an Optimus Prime. The story is that you are performing the emergence task, but the bridge is destroyed. So, you must ...

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Square Go Home is a brand new online flash game from famous developer Modotti, the creator of Greedy Mole. In this exciting game your task is to help square aliens to reach their spaceship unharmed. Don’t forget to collect all the crystals on your ...

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Remove Everything is a brand new exciting puzzle-based online flash game, in which you must remove all the blocks in each level. The indicators are on the left side. The larger circle (green) shows the block that will come out of block cannon next wh...

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Guardian is an exciting replay of the classic ping pong game. But it is more amazing and more difficult than the original. The story is that the explorer has been captured in a trap in wild jungles. And now you must use all you playing skills in orde...

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Ascension is an amazing game. Your task is to use ball shooting cannons and shoot the capsule with a man until it reaches the moon. Don’t think that it will be an easy task. You should use all your shooting skills in order to succeed. Try to collec...

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House Of Chocolates is a brand new 3 match online flash game, in which you must line up various chocolates to make them disappear. Pay attention to the fact that you must clear all the game board from grey background in order to pass the level. Also,...

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