Gio Kando Ball Fight

Gio Kando Ball Fight

Jewels of the Dark

Jewels of the Dark
I Wanna Play Brick I Wanna Play Brick
I Wanna Play Brick

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Published on 24, 2019


Do you want to play a wonderful game with the White House on the background? If your answer is yes, click "Start" and have fun with Obama! Your objective is to clean the screen by removing blocks. You can achieve this by making brick groups of at least 4 bricks of the same colour! Obama will help you with task! Enjoy our simple, but interesting I Wanna Play Brick flash game!

Demonstrate your balance and game skills with the captivating and exciting Equilibrium game! You are not afraid of difficulties and challenges, are you? Your main goal is to balance on the tight rope. Collect as many blue balls as possible to earn po...

686 plays

Go wherever your love is! Do everything in order to be with your beloved one! Climb the mountains, jump over obstacles, use different objects, leap dangerous cliffs, dodge the fire, run fearless, find any possible way to get to her. Nothing should st...

Pretentious Game
2 plays

Mouse In Danger is a brand new very addictive online flash game. Pay attention to the fact that you can test your memory skills while playing it. Your objective is to lead your mouse to the finish and the story takes part in an operating systems. But...

Mouse In Danger
449 plays

Aliens aren’t a fiction. They are coming closer to the planet and want to capture it. Insurgents will be killed, week ones will be turned into slaves. Rescue the world. Fight against terrible aliens! Be courageous and unconquerable. Act fast, move ...

Space Cropper 2
326 plays

Do you like online flash game, in which you can improve your memory skills? If your answer is yes, then you for sure must try this brand new online flash game called Batman Memory. In this game your objective is to find to similar pictures and then m...

Batman Memory
865 plays

Robot Want Ice Cream is a ridiculous online flash game full of adventures. You have arrived to the Happy Ice Cream Planet, but there is no ice cream. Your task is to help robot to find it. Have fun with our brand new game! ...

Robot Wants Ice Cream
837 plays

Elimination Tactics is a very exciting online puzzled flash game with simple graphics. Your task is to eliminate all the available blocks on the screen. To do it, you must match two similar colored blocks existing in the same row or column. Pay atten...

Elimination Tactics
777 plays

Guide Us Back Home is a brand new exciting puzzle based online flash game, in which you must use all your logic and puzzle solving skills. The story is that several aliens have problems and you must help them. Your objective is to help aliens reach t...

Guide Us Back Home
261 plays