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Memory Mayhem
Hook Em Up Hook Em Up
Hook Em Up

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Published on 21, 2019


Hook Em Up provides you with endless entertainment in two modes: Aquarium or Ocean. The Aquarium level is easier than the ocean. Each mode has 34 levels. Catch the fish that are shown on the little chart, but stay away from the pesky crabs or they will snip your line! Lookout for extra pickups to make your fishing trip easier.


Meet this great online game and start playing it. It is an awesome pinball game, which is so bright and attractive. Earn points making your way round the computer circuit board. You will be able to obtain more points by hitting the flashing targets. ...

302 plays

Finally, there is a special game for girls, who love style and fashion! In the lovely Office Trend you can try yourself in the role of a designer and choose the best look for the day at the office. Pick up clothes and accessories from the menu to cre...

Office Trend
268 plays

This is one more connect online flash game called Funny Monsters. It is a classic online flash game made in the Halloween Style. As usual, your task is to connect three and more similar characters in order to remove them from the screen. Pay attentio...

Funny Monsters Connect
257 plays

One more game from Donkey Kong online flash game. This time there is a new mission of Adventure Ride. Your task is to drive your funny car through the jungle and collect bananas. Be careful, because there are a lot of traps and obstacles. Have fun wi...

1588 plays

Demonstrate and master your driving skills with the amazing Demologic 2 Level Pack game! Your task is to dtive your cool monster truck and damage the buildings, which you will meet on your way. Try not only to damage, but also to destroy the building...

Demologic 2 Level Pack
2502 plays

Undoubtedly, you know the famous Robin Hood, who stole from the rich and gave everything to the poor ones. This game offers something of the kind. You have to save the unfortunate villagers from being hanged. You have a bow and arrows and there is a ...

Robin to the Rescue
785 plays

Online Planking Game Hacked is a ridiculous online physics-based flash game, in which your task is to smash people on different portraits. Use various items in order to do it fast such as: a lemon, an iphone and even a basketball ball. Do your best t...

Online Planking Game Hacked
234 plays

Are you fond of tetris games? Here’s one right for you! Minecraft Tetris is an outstanding online game that allows getting the highest scores by breaking lines of cubes. Need to switch the position or move? Arrow keys will be helpful! Use skills an...

Minecraft Tetris
1383 plays