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Hook Em Up

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Published on Nov 22, 2017


Hook Em Up provides you with endless entertainment in two modes: Aquarium or Ocean. The Aquarium level is easier than the ocean. Each mode has 34 levels. Catch the fish that are shown on the little chart, but stay away from the pesky crabs or they will snip your line! Lookout for extra pickups to make your fishing trip easier.


Enemy 525 is a one more amazing retro online flash game. Your task is to save your character by building traps from various blocks. Enjoy the game!...

Enemy 585
221 plays

Cops vs Supers is an exciting physics-based online flash game, in which you must use all your skills in order to help cops catch all the Superheroes. Fire your police officers at the Superheroes, by clicking and dragging, to take them out! Pay attent...

Cops vs Supers
154 plays

In our brand new online flash game you play a role of an owner of Burger Restaurant. At first, you must take orders from the customers and then try to cook it as quickly as possible. Pay attention to the fact that they will reject their order, if you...

Burger Restaurant
133 plays

We are glad to present you this very simple but addictive online flash game, in which you must use all your logic in order to pass all the levels. In this game you control a man and you objective is to place all the stones on the predefined places. A...

Stoneage Enigma
154 plays

Bubble Rubble The Island is a bright and funny online game, in which your task is to collect all the hearts and fruits. In result, you have to save the girlfriend. Only if you get all the hearts, you will receive a key to the locked house, where the...

Bubble Rubble The Island
129 plays

Try our brand new online flash game, in which you play as Chompy, the magical Venus Fly Trap. Your objective is very simple in this game. You must chomp as many bugs as possible in order to become a real warrior. Do your best and don’t forget to sp...

Chompy the Great
160 plays

Tremor Hatch is a funny physics based online flash game. Your task is to break the egg shell. You can do it by falling from high places or by making objects fall on the egg. Use your gun in order to cut ropes or repel objects. Have fun with the Tremo...

Tremor Hatch
147 plays

Quadroscope is a brand new puzzle online game, which is a little bit different from the game you have played before! Destroy lines and initiate various graphical effects! With every level the effects will become more intricate and complex. Make them ...

180 plays