World Cup Cricket Practice

World Cup Cricket Practice

Arm of Revenge

Arm of Revenge
High Rise High Rise
High Rise

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Published on 17, 2017


Build the worlds tallest tower in this simple yet addictive tower building game. You are in control of a crane that is dropping block on top of block to build the tower. The secret is to be patient and try to align the blocks perfectly on top of each other. If the block are not aligned properly they will fall down and you only have 3 spare blocks before its game over. Challenge a friend and see who can stack the most blocks.


The problem of the cool and funny Santa Truck online game is that Santa is not capable of delivering the presents for children on time. The only thing can help him is calling the Santa Truck. Santa Truck has all necessary skills and experience for de...

Santa Truck
107 plays

Create a stable structure that can withstand a heavy weight with an awesome and interesting Build Up online game! The game consists of 16 challenging levels, in which your task is to draw lines between smal circles and squares. Try to use as few piec...

Build Up
155 plays

Gap monster is a very interesting online flash game, in which you should use all your skills and logic. Complete different tasks, which are written on the right side on the screen. In this game you'll drag around holes, fall through walls in order to...

154 plays

Armys Battle is a funny side scroll online flash game. Your task is to reach the finish. Controls are very simple: use arrows to move and your mouse to aim and shoot. Destroy all the enemies on your way. Don’t forget to control the life bar, becaus...

Arnys Battle
89 plays

Jewel Digger is a brand new funny online flash game, in which you have a great opportunityy to try yourself as a real gold hunter. Pay attention to the fact that you always have a cute little companion with you. Your objective is to collect all the g...

Jewel Digger
99 plays

One more tower defense flash game! This brand new Block territory has tetris placement idea instead of usual towers. You should use all your skills to use time, space and money in a appropriate way. You will for sure have a good time. Have fun! ...

Block Territory
173 plays

You for sure know this famous flash game from your Android or iOS devices. Your task is to demonstrate all your strategical skills and knowledge. Build the most famous, valuable and industrial city. Earn as much money as you can to set a new high sco...

159 plays

Visit an unusual technoworld with the unique Nano Path online game! In this world the machines have taken power again. You need to save the world from them and become a national hero. Demonstrate your strength and get inside them to wire these machin...

Nano Path
141 plays