World Cup Cricket Practice

World Cup Cricket Practice

Arm of Revenge

Arm of Revenge
High Rise High Rise
High Rise

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Published on Nov 24, 2017


Build the worlds tallest tower in this simple yet addictive tower building game. You are in control of a crane that is dropping block on top of block to build the tower. The secret is to be patient and try to align the blocks perfectly on top of each other. If the block are not aligned properly they will fall down and you only have 3 spare blocks before its game over. Challenge a friend and see who can stack the most blocks.


We are glad to present the next part of the famous online flash game called The Light Temple, in which you must control the WaterGirl and FireBoy. As you know, you control them both at once. So, use all your patience to pass all the levels. Be carefu...

The Light Temple
142 plays

Master your driving skills with this brand new Truck Desert Racing. Choose your favorite truck, start the engine and drive as fast as possible through the torrid desert and over the sharp rocks. Avoid different obstacles on your way! Become a new rac...

Trucks Desert Racing
174 plays

An astonishing and funny game, in which you play as a kung fu grandpa. Show them that you are the best street fighter. Do your best to defeat all the enemies. Collect money and different items for more points! Prove everybody that you are not that ol...

Kungfu Grandpa
201 plays

Get your arrows and bow to hit directly in the target. Come on! We know that you can do that. Show the whole world how great shooter you are! Impress everyone!...

Stickathlon Archery
161 plays

If you are fond of pirates-themed books, games and movies, then you are lucky to find an exciting Pirate Way online game. It’s an awesome adventure online game, in which you have to help Cat collect all the coins. Pass all the 15 challenging levels...

Pirate Way
185 plays

On the Deck - You work on the deck and your job is to tilt your boat and have passengers alive and guide them to the doors. Watch out for sharks, crabs and gangsters....

On the Deck
173 plays

In this game, you will have to put to use your wits and get that little mouse into traps. Try it and you will not be able to forget about it....

143 plays

Jamal is an exciting adventure online flash game. You play as a bug called Jamal. And the story is that all your friends have been kidnapped and only you can save them. So, you go on this dangerous trip. Collect all the fruit and veggies in order to ...

178 plays