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Published on Nov 21, 2017


Have you ever dreamt of trying yourself as a helicopter pilot? If your answer is yes, then this brand new online flash game called Heli Racer is really for you. Your objective is to fly as fast as you can in order to be the first on the finish line. Use your mouse to control the helicopter. But don’t think that it will be an easy task, because there will be a lot of obstacles on your way and you must use all your skills in order to not crash your helicopter. The mouse pointer will also determine the speed of your chopper. The laps are harder to finish as you progress through the game but is fun to play. Have fun!

We are glad to present this brand new online flash game called Dead Metal. Pay attention to the fact that this game is based on one of the most powerful game engines. You must use all your shooting skills in order to destroy all the enemies in the sp...

Dead Metal
152 plays

This is the next part of the world famous online flash game called Skylark. Your task as in previous time is to shoot all the enemies. Pay attention to the fact that they can be in the sky and even on the ground. Be careful, don’t let them to shoot...

Skylark 2
210 plays

River Raid is a Flying Game where the aim is to fly over a river in enemy territory. Destroy all their military ships, choppers, tanks etc. and most importantly destroy the bridges across the river. If you can accomplish this mission then the enemies...

River Raid
194 plays

Miami Airport Parking is an entertaining and challenging game, which will surely satisfy you....

6 plays

Shadez 2 is a unique and fantastic real-time strategy online game, in which you need to have a quick reaction and excellent thinking skills. Do your best in order to survive in this amazing game! Have an amazing time! ...

187 plays

Nullator is an exciting arcade flash game. Your task is to control your spaceship and defeat all the enemies. Be careful, your enemies will do their best in order to destroy your spaceship. So, avoid all flying missiles at you. Collect the power-ups ...

207 plays

Alien Invaders Dhoola is an amazing online 8-bit flash game. You play as a captain of the last spaceship and your task is to defend Earth from the alien invaders. Your task is to defend the last barrier, so the Earth will be destroyed, if you lose. S...

Alien Invaders Dhoola
155 plays

Apache - Have you got what it takes to become an Apache gunner, fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan? With Ed Macy as your expert pilot, you might just have what it takes. Play now to find out. ...

309 plays