Diamond Hunt 2 Lonely Island

Diamond Hunt 2 Lonely Island

Royal Circus Puppy Escape

Royal Circus Puppy Escape
Halloween Pumpkin Adventure Escape Halloween Pumpkin Adventure Escape
Halloween Pumpkin Adventure Escape

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Published on 22, 2017


We have god news for all the point and click online flash games fans! Try our brand new point and click escape game, in which you must use all your skills in order to pass it. This game in the Halloween style. The story is that you realized that somebody had trapped a Halloween Pumpkin. And you are the only one, who can save them. That is why you must use all your brain skills in order to solve all the puzzles. Try to find all the necessary objects and items in order to get extra help and escape from this mysterious place. Have fun!

Do you have problems with learning the flags of European countries? If your answer is yes, then this game is really for. In this game you can prove your memory skills and learn the flags at once. Your task is to find two similar flags and match them ...

Europe Flags Memory
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Return to Riddle School is an amazing online flash game. You play in the school and your task is to escape from it. Use all the available items in order to reach your aim. Have fun!...

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Vortex point is an exciting flash game, which gives you a real possibility to try yourself as a real investigator! Your task is to solve terrible cases and to find out who or what stand behind a lot of golden bars!...

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Tom and Jerry Car Puzzle is a great combination of a puzzle and a car game! You are offered two modes- a sliding and a jigsaw one. Choose a sliding mode,if you prefer dragging pieces of the puzzle.On sliding mode, your task is to make puzzles change ...

Tom and Jerry Car Puzzle
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You should assist Lara in finding Luka. She needs to meet him in order to show her drawing. It is utterly important for her. You will face multiple impediments on the way to your goal. Accordingly, get prepared for a real challenge....

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Everybody knows about the terrible legend about Mason who always goes for a hunt on Friday the 13th. People disappear after Redwood National Park is closed. Nonetheless, if you are courageous, you can join Pedro at that time. After you will get in, y...

Creepos Tales 2
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Are you aware that these two have decided to spend the holiday together, under one roof? Both of them surely lack experience. You should help. Assist Barbie & Ken in decorating their home, especially the Christmas tree inside. Your imagination is per...

Barbie and Ken: A Perfect Christmas
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Find her parents. Use the items to keep the ghost away. Watch your Heart meter!...

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