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Halloween Flash Bubble Shooter

Halloween Flash Bubble Shooter
Halloween Mahjong Challenge Halloween Mahjong Challenge
Halloween Mahjong Challenge

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Published on 19, 2017


Do you like Mahjong online flash games? If your answer is yes, then our brand new Halloween Mahjong Challenge game is really for you. It is a classical mahjong but it is in the Halloween style. Your task is the same as in any other mahjong game. It means that you must remove all the tiles from the game board before the time runs out. To do it, just click on the same tiles. Notice that you can eliminate only paired free blocks. The block is free when at least two adjacent neighboring sides of it are free, i.e. they have no neighbors on at least two adjacent sides. Don’t worry if you cannot find any moves, because you can always re-shuffle the tiles. Use hints to get extra help. Good luck!

FOG Golf is a 9 and 18 hole Golf Simulation Game. You can choose to play 9 levels or 18 levels. The aim is to complete each course or level with the least number of shots. You can select the type of club you'd like to use from the top menu or you can...

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You are the mighty and powerful steampunk robot. Your objective is to defend your power terminals against different creatures and monsters. Use all your available abilities and weapons. Don’t forget to upgrade your turrets in order to win. Enjoy! ...

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