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Halloween Link Adventure

Pumpkins Match

Pumpkins Match
Halloween Crazy Links Halloween Crazy Links
Halloween Crazy Links

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Published on 18, 2017


Halloween Crazy Links is a brand new virtual version of the famous Chinese online flash game called Mahjong. Your objective is the same as in the classical version of it. And it means that you must find and match similar tiles in order to remove them from the game board. Use your mouse to connect them but pay attention to the fact that you can eliminate only paired free blocks. The block is free when at least two adjacent neighboring sides of it are free. Do your best in order to pass all the levels as fast as possible. Have fun!

Coba is a well known and beloved online flash game. You must bang stone balls off the stone walls to break more balls. Use your mouse to aim and shoot. Pay attention to the fact that there are power balls, which you can use anytime you want. You can ...

134 plays

Try our brand new Superheroes Logo Match game! Your objective is to get rid of all the icons on the screen. You can achieve this by matching them. Earn score and control the target by looking at the left side of the screen. If you don't want to lose ...

Superheroes Logo Match
135 plays

Would you like to accept another challenge on the dirt bikes? If you are in for this party, you can start it right away. You will have to pass 10 incredible levels, which will seriously testify your driving skills. Use arrow keys and spacebar and try...

New Stunt Moto Mouse 3
9 plays

Have you ever dreamt of trying yourself as a real detective? If your answer is yes, then you must try this amazing online flash game called The Dead Case. This game is very big and challenging with an extensive story plot. The story is that you have ...

The Dead Case
110 plays

Good news for Hungry Shapes online flash game fans, because now you can try brand new part of it. Your task is the same: you have to solve different puzzles. Your main aim is to eat as many burgers as possible in order to pass the levels. Have fun!...

Hungry Shapes 2
118 plays

Theme Hotel is a brand new amazing hotel simulator. Your task is to build your hotel from the very beginning. Try to earn as much money as you can, but don’t forget to keep guests happy. Do your best in order to get 5-star rating for your hotel. Go...

Theme Hotel
141 plays

This is another puzzle game, which will finely entertain you. You have to pass successfully the road of rails. Lead the train as quickly as you can and don’t forget to gather all stars, which will add points to you. There will be multiple impedimen...

Railroad Mayhem
424 plays

In the cool and addictive Chase Down online game you will try yourself in the role of a killer. Your task is to find your enemies and get rid of them. Kill them by shooting down! Set a new high score and collect the maximum amount of points! In order...

Chase Down
132 plays