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Go To Hell

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Published on 19, 2019


Dig, dig, and dig again into the depths of hell on your search for riches and lost treasures on Go To Hell. Be careful throughout this game as dreadful creatures await for you and don't get stuck underneath the heavy boulders or you'll get a one way ticket to hell itself. Try to figure out ways to neutralize each element using another one and you'll be fine. Grab the snacks on the way down or you'll end up starving to death.


Do you think that you know Chris Tucker well? If your answer is yes, then you must try this brand new online flash game, in which you can make ridiculous pranks calls to your friends. At first, you must match all the Chris Tucker phrases from the mov...

Chris Tucker Sound Board
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Try yourself in a new role with Trafficator 2! Your task is to control the traffic. Try to pass the required number of cars from one side to another. If you want to stop the car, just click on it. Remember that you are not able to stop police cars an...

Trafficator 2
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Accurateboy is an exciting puzzle-based online flash game, in which your task is to remove monster in order to make the ship fall into the barrel. Have fun! ...

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Those ugly and terrifying zombies desire men flesh again! The main character of this game wishes to rescue his little sister who is lost somewhere in this big city. Will you aid him? Get through all the hazards of the infested city, kill zombies and ...

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Clean the streets of evil henchmen and free the bionic dinosaurs from their grip! ...

Dino Strike
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The Battle for Sanity is a brand new game from young flash game developer. It is not perfect, but you will 100% enjoy it! Your task is to control Dr. Jekyll and ,as you know, his has an evil side. In other words, he can transform into Dr. Hyde. Try t...

The Battle for Sanity
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Blosics is an interesting game, in which your task is to smash green blocks with the ball. Choose the right angle and power to get more points! Do your best and pass all the levels! Good luck!...

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Transport Cars and big trucks from the Truck Parking lot to the showroom garage. Transport all cars without damage to the destination to complete the Task. ...

Car Transporter 2
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