Construction Fall

Construction Fall
Ghost Guidance Ghost Guidance
Ghost Guidance

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Published on 21, 2018


After a human experiment, all that remains of you is the energy of your soul. As an energy ghost you must escape at any cost in order to be free from the human oppression. Take control of enemy ships by haunting them and use the ship's special abilities to eliminate all the opponents sent to catch and destroy you.


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In Dirk Valentine you play as a soldier and your task is to reach finish in each level. Pay attention to the fact that there are a lot of dangerous monsters on your way. Destroy them with your chain cannon. Enjoy!...

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Die in a Carpet Fire is an unconventional game, where your aim is to make Ninja janitor die many times in fire to rescue Ninja rugs. They are under threat of evil Ghostly carpets. That burning in the fire is the only way to win. Do your best to win, ...

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You have never met such a game as Skullz! It is extremely exciting and captivating! You will spend hours playing it! The game is played with the mouse only. Have a great time!...

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If you like playing the Intrusion online game, you will definitely glad to get this hacked version. This variant is popular for its new facilities such as heath, ammo, weapons, levels and score! Enjoy the game and add it to your favourites list! ...

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