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The Lumbering Dead

The Lumbering Dead
Furballs Furballs

Published on 24, 2017


Try this brand new online flash game from a young developer. This game is his first one, so please comment it if you like it. This game is very simple but addictive to play. Use your mouse to move laser pointer and guide a cat inro the enemies. Press left button to boost. Have fun!

Sudden Aviator is a fast-paced arena shooter, in which your aim is to make your way through a great amount of dangerous explosions. Do everythings possible to complete your task: fly through the clouds, use different power-ups and tactics to seem sma...

Sudden Aviator
109 plays

Head on to the war! Create your own army, assail enemy’s bases and take them under control. Be the conqueror!...

Ultimate Army
121 plays

You have to entertain your viewers with great fun on the TV show. Battle with super heroes and crowds of minions. In order to succeed, develop novel capabilities and upgrade the skills. Come on! The great fun is about to begin!...

Death Arena Reality Show
120 plays

In the unusual and fantastic Medieval Mercenary online game you play as the last mercenary. You have no other choice but to defend your kingdom! Fight your enemies and have no mercy! If you get weaker, visit Merlin and buy new powerful weapons. Use y...

Medieval Mercenary
156 plays

Khazyle (Fury of the Elements) is a captivating game full of mysteries and danger. Your task is to help the brave archer to kill all the enemies. The dark side wants to destroy lands of Khazyle, so use all available weapons to stop these ugly orcs, t...

Khazyle - Fury of the Elements
111 plays

Conflict Resolution is a very difficult but very exciting strategy online flash game. Use all your skills in order to build the powerful base and mighty army and destroy your opponent as fast as possible. Good luck!...

Conflict Resolution
111 plays

Move all the battles to sea in Navy Glory. You are on your homecoming trip and the evil forces wish to drown your warship. Defend it as hard as you can. There’s the Blue Army that has a strong wish to sink you. Different ships, submarines and plane...

Navy Glory
173 plays

You have a great opportunity to improve your aiming and shooting skills in or brand new online flash game called Et Hell Hire. The story is that an enemy is planning to make an air strike on your city. And now you are the only one who can save millio...

Et Hell Fire
94 plays