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Killer Trucks 2
Frizle Fraz Frizle Fraz
Frizle Fraz

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Published on 23, 2019


Frizle Fraz - Collect frizles and keys.

Your aim is to keep going on as long as you can. There will be great crowds of cops, stewards and mascots. Try to avoid them long enough to score the highest record....

Streaker Menace
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A brand new puzzle Go Minions Go based on the famous and popular Minion cartoon is coming! Your objective is collect all the bananas and pass all the challenging levels. By the way, your time is limited, so hurry up! If you catch the timer on your wa...

Go Minions Go
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You probably know this game from your Android or iOS device. And now it is available for you as a flash game. Your task is to save town from fire. Use all your brain skills to put out all the fires and save your friend. Be careful, try to use water ...

Water Mania
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Power Rangers Dino Thunder is an amazing and breathtaking fighting online game, in which you play for the team of power rangers. Your main goal is to fight the evil enemies and save the day from them. Pass all the levels to complete the game. The gam...

Power Rangers Dino Thunder
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Math Mahjong is a brand new flash game, which is combination of math and popular Chinese game called Mahjong. In this game you must use all your math skills. You need to find two equal values. i.e. 12 can be paired with 4+8. So I can say that this ga...

Math Mahjong
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Try this brand new amazing puzzle based online flash game, in which you must use all your brain skills. Your task is to move synchronized paths and patters in order to unlock the puzzle. Pay attention to the fact that a lot of pieces are moving at on...

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Malachite is a ridiculous online flash game, in which your task is to reach finish in every level. The story takes part in a magic land of marshmallows. Enjoy the game! ...

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Two Bears In A Barrel is a cute and funny breathtaking online game. Your objective is drop two little bears in the barrel. Don't forget to check out and follow instruction while playing this amazing game.The game is played with your mouse only. Have ...

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