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Freecell Solitaire

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Published on Nov 20, 2017


Do you like to play the famous card game called Solitaire? If your answer is yes, then this game is really for you. Freecell Solitaire gives you a great opportunity to play your favorite game on your computer. Your objective is the same as in the classical card game and it means that you must to build up all cards on the foundations from Ace to King by following suit. There are four columns and you must add 13 cards one by one in each of them. Pay attention to the fact that you can put only red cards on top of red ones and only red ones on top of black. Black on black or red on red will not be accepted. Have fun!

Rescue your kidnapped wife in this shooting point and click adventure. Make your way through the kidnappers house and other levels taking out all the bad guys buy any means. Remember to pick up the health packs on your way as you WILL need them. Make...

Right Hand
267 plays

Mexican Zombie Defense is a brand new ridiculous tower defense online flash game. Your enemies are angry zombies which want to eat all your brains. To prevent it you must locate your forces along the path. Use all your strategical skills to located f...

Mexican Zombie Defense
187 plays

Boxhead the Nightmare: Biever and Baby is the eighth game in the series of the Boxhead games. This time you'll be kicking ass with a huge arsenal of weaponry, guns, explosives, air-strikes and other devastating armaments. Play across many battlefield...

Boxhead the Nightmare: Biever and Baby
127 plays

We are glad to present this brand new Level Pack for the famous online flash game called Steamlands. Your objective is the same as in the original game, so construct steam machine defenses as you move to attack enemy steam machines without being dest...

Steamlands - Player Pack
129 plays

This is the famous retro online flash game, which has millions of fans all over the world. In this rpg game your task is to fight tones of monsters. Upgrade your character to become the best. Enjoy!...

185 plays

Meet a breathtaking and captivating online Crush The Castle flash game created by talented developers from Your task is to go through the lands of your enemy and to attack his castle. Sounds exciting, doesn't it? The problem ...

156 plays

This is the sequel of the famous online flash game Battle Gear! You have a great possibility to try yourself as a real general. Your task is to control all your troops, money and weapons. Prove that you and your army can conquer the world. Good luck!...

Battle Gear 2 World Domination
174 plays

The game suggests five various character classes from which a player establishes a party of about four heroes. Fight together! Battle to the dungeon’s depths, find treasure and increase your powers! This party-based tactical RPG will take you to a ...

Monsters Den
331 plays