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Freecell Solitaire

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Published on Dec 16, 2018


Do you like to play the famous card game called Solitaire? If your answer is yes, then this game is really for you. Freecell Solitaire gives you a great opportunity to play your favorite game on your computer. Your objective is the same as in the classical card game and it means that you must to build up all cards on the foundations from Ace to King by following suit. There are four columns and you must add 13 cards one by one in each of them. Pay attention to the fact that you can put only red cards on top of red ones and only red ones on top of black. Black on black or red on red will not be accepted. Have fun!

We are glad to present you the next part of the famous online flash game called Connect. Your task is the same as in the previous part. It means that you must find and match two same tiles to remove them. Also, you must create a path between the two ...

Connect 2
239 plays

There is a great temptation to have a look at beautiful women, even if you are married. In Look But Don't Touch your task is to stare at and to admire babes, which are passing by. The only problem is that you wife is near and she is constantly watchi...

Look But Don't Touch
1123 plays

A tremendous continuation of a very adventurous game is here for you! You have a chance of going back to the island, where everything has started to finally stop this all for the sake of your dear people. Reveal your adventurous spirit and get into t...

Youda Survivor 2
1411 plays

Help Robby the Railway Robot reach his lovely robo-girlfriend Roberta! Aide him by switching and rotating part of the railway, while accumulating as many points as you can to raise your score! But be wary of the evil robotic policemen that will try t...

The Railway Robot's Road Trip
559 plays

Being at war, you will definitely see scary and dangerous wounds. Your task here is to complete successfully 3 surgeries of the worst wounds. Try it right now!...

Dark Cut 2
723 plays

In the amazing and captivating Swords of the Shogun online game you have to face rival warlords and defeat them! Fight hard and get control over the medieval japan! You have to conduct trainings for samurais and ninjas to make them strong. Earn maone...

Swords of the Shogun
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Imperial Guardians is one of the best strategy online flash games. In this military strategy you must train your forces in order to destroy all the opponents. Have fun!...

848 plays

Our breathtaking brand new Zombie town story is coming. You play as one of the most famous scientist, who take part in the secret experiment on the creation and developing of a super soldier. You were working on your project, when suddenly something...

Zombie Town Story
439 plays