Forgotten Dungeon 2 Forgotten Dungeon 2
Forgotten Dungeon 2

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Published on Oct 22, 2017


An awesome hack-and-slash action RPG online game is coming! Meet Forgotten Dungeon 2, which somehow reminds of Diablo! Explore the dark dungeons and fight with skeletons, zombies and other dangerous monsters. gain experience for every killed monster and collect the items they drop. Upgrade your skills such as strenght, dexterity, intelligence, vitality and spells, when you level up. Equip yourself with better weapons and armor in order to increase your attack and damage. The game is played with your mouse only. Enjoy the game!

The King's League: Odyssey is a popular and cool simulation strategy online game. The kingdom needs new warriors and you have to join the royal league. This sequel contains twice more quests, event, challeging levels and unit classes. Don't miss this...

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Do you wish to be the master of the world? Then command your army of robots and overcome all of your opponents. You will have to create battle robots out of 200 parts. Afterwards, send them out to the battles and become a champion. Have luck and fun!...

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Bomb It 6 is another amazing continuation of a famous series of games. Here again, you will find novel explosions in great amounts. Enjoy it as you wish!...

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We are glad to present you the next part of the famous online flash game called The Empires 2. The problem is that your kingdom is under attack of a mighty enemy forces once again. Use all your skills in order to build the most powerful empire. Try t...

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Feel yourself in the role of the lord of the cursed kingdom with the brand new Royal Houses online game! Black magic and creatures from the darkness have filled your land. Long ago it was a great and powerful kingdom. You have to amek it prosperous o...

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Meet a great and challenging physics-based puzzle game! In the People on My Lawn 2 you have to eliminate the astrounats by launching the rockets. To achieve this, place magnets on the screen. Yolu should know that red magnets can attract objects, whi...

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Do you remember famous online e flash game called Monster Tower Defense? If your answer is yes, then we are glad to present you this brand new fifth part of this game. In this tower defese game you can choose between three worlds with various landsca...

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You play as the respected and mighty king of the famous castle. The problem is that other kings want to destroy you and to make all your lieges become the slaves. Defend your tower from other powerful kings and their dangerous forces. Demonstrate tha...

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