Kaban Sprint

Kaban Sprint

FOG Golf

FOG Golf
FOG Golf FOG Golf

Published on Dec 14, 2018


FOG Golf is a 9 and 18 hole Golf Simulation Game. You can choose to play 9 levels or 18 levels. The aim is to complete each course or level with the least number of shots. You can select the type of club you'd like to use from the top menu or you can Click on the caddy to get advice on which club to use and how hard to hit the ball. Tap the spacebar to start the swing, tap again to set the power and once more to strike the ball high or low. There is a mini map and also you can view the full course by using the arrow keys.


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Here, everything is simple – join the pieces of the picture and win. Have fun!...

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Angry Birds Super race is one of the variants of the classic cartoon games based on the Angry Birds. This time you get an opportunity to take part in the racing challenge. Do your best to win the championship and prove that you are the best. Demonstr...

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Do you know the famous old school flash game called Gravity Defied? If your answer is yes, then you must try this brand new online flash game called Mental Mouse. In this game your objective is to control the mouse, which drives a bike and reach fini...

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