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Fly Me To The Moon Fly Me To The Moon
Fly Me To The Moon

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Published on 24, 2019


In Fly Me to the Moon, the planets rotate when super-mouse walks on their surface, use the trajectory of the spinning planet to collect stars and get you closer to the moon. The planets rotation will slowly close a gate in front of the moon, so don't stay on the planet too long! Make sure you reach the moon before the side guage goes to the top or you will lose. This is a pinball type game of logic and forward thinking! The more stars you get the more famous super-mouse will be!


Your task in this very game is to find all hidden alphabets. Watch the time, as it has limitations. Be quick and smart and you will undoubtedly cope with everything....

Crashed Car Hidden Alphabets
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This game gives you a great possibility to train your shooting skill. Press Let`s play and in one second try to hit a target. You have 10 shots. In the lower right corner, you can see the results of every shoot. After all ten shoots you will see the ...

Shooting master
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Tower of ZZZ is a brand new simple but very addictive to play online flash game. The story is that you own a hotel but it is full of sleepwalking. The problem is that they are trying to fall from the tower. So, your objective is to control the elevat...

Tower of ZZZ
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Do not hesitate, click “Play” and take part in the high speed racing all over the USA in the brand new and captivating kilV8Muscle Cars online game! Challenge yourself and compete with the best V8 Muscle Cars! Prove that you are the best! As you ...

V8Muscle Cars
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Bluey is a brand new physics based online flash game, in which your task is to help Bluey to reach his jeep. The problem is that there are a lot of various obstacles on your way, so you must to pass them all in order to pass the level. It is never a ...

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Paw Patrol Othello is an amazing old school online flash game, in which your task is to help Everest and her friend Othello. In this exciting online flash game your task is to turn blue tiles into red tiles. Only after the all tiles are red, the next...

Paw Patrol Othello
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War Bears is a brand new point and click adventure online game, in which bears are the main characters. The robbers have taken over a bank and even have hostages. There are four bears, which can become real heroes. Each of them has its own special ab...

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Physical Bomb is a brand new physics based online flash game, in which you must use all your aiming and shooting skills. In this game you must control the powerful cannon and destroy all the castles one by one with as less shots as possible. Sounds e...

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