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Fly Me To The Moon Fly Me To The Moon
Fly Me To The Moon

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Published on 24, 2017


In Fly Me to the Moon, the planets rotate when super-mouse walks on their surface, use the trajectory of the spinning planet to collect stars and get you closer to the moon. The planets rotation will slowly close a gate in front of the moon, so don't stay on the planet too long! Make sure you reach the moon before the side guage goes to the top or you will lose. This is a pinball type game of logic and forward thinking! The more stars you get the more famous super-mouse will be!


Meet the next sequel of the famous and popular all over the world racing Hot Bikes 2 online game! Your objective is to help the biker get through all the difficulties and obstacles. Take your bike and beat all the challenging and exciting tracks! Win...

325 plays

Meet a brand new online game with your favourite character Stickman! In the Stickman Death Park game you have to kill stickman. Remember that it should look like an accident. Find four items, click on the item to complete your task. Hurry up, your ti...

137 plays

This puzzle game will testify your skills and reactions. You have to protect as many fruits as you are capable for, as there is that nasty and dangerous rain. Have good fortune!...

102 plays

We are glad to present you the second part of the famous online flash game called Color Traffic. The rules of this game are very simple. All you have to do is to control the traffic lights in order to avoid accidents. Pay attention to the fact that y...

Color Traffic 2
91 plays

2048 Battle is a brand new amazing online flash game, which is a modernized 2048 online game. Pay attention to the fact that it is a multiplayer, so you can compete with others. Enjoy the game!...

106 plays

Great news for the fans of the online puzzle games! In the Magic Safari 2 you will get acquainted with the zombie, who wants to go on a safari tour. It is not an easy at all and your task is to assist him. Demonstrate your driving skills and do not g...

Magic Safari 2
96 plays

Welcome Mr. Choco-Koko. The character finds it extremely tough to collect all balls around him. Can you be his helping hand? Pick three or more balls. They must be of the same color. Pick all of them right before the time goes out. If a player fails,...

Ball Ball
120 plays

Old Templar vaults are full of treasure, and you're out to get it all! Use your cannon to shoot and destroy treasure bricks, but be quick to collect the bonus coins that come out of them! Collect as many bonuses as possible, and be sure to hit all th...

Treasure Cannon
158 plays