Plane Race

Plane Race

Six Oclock High

Six Oclock High
Fly Air India Fly Air India
Fly Air India

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Published on 19, 2019


Politics is occupying the country. All the citizens suffer from corruption and political lies. Fight against them! Take control over the airplane and steer your way through the clouds of corruption. Navigate your jet up and down to avoid these dangerous clouds. Fly as fast as you can, but don't damage your plane and its intergrity. The fate of the country is in your hands. Do your best to win! Good luck!

In this game, you will become a pilot of a mini helicopter. However, size does not mean everything. You will be surprised with great firepower of this flying machine. Try it and you will see....

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Sky Chopper is a fast paced, Helicopter Flying and Shooting Game. Try to reach your home base while shooting down as many enemies as you can. The space-bar fires your primary weapon and the Ctrl key fires secondary weapons. The enemies leave power-up...

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