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Deadly Facility
Fleabag vs Mutt Fleabag vs Mutt
Fleabag vs Mutt

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Published on 22, 2017


Fleabag vs Mutt

Dodger is a skill-based online flash game, in which you must avoid green planes. Pay attention to the fact that with each level they are going faster and faster. Do everything possible not to get smashed! Good luck! ...

155 plays

Gravitum is one more running sidescroll online flash game. Your task is to run as far as possible in order to set a new high score. Change gravity to pass different obstacles and be careful, greedy hunter is chasing you. Don’t let him to catch you!...

138 plays

Amberial is an adventure online flash game, in which you play as a small amber ball. Your task is to bounce around the landscape avoiding various obstacles. Also, try to avoid spikes. Have fun! ...

116 plays

Test your agility with a Five Finger Pellet flash game. Your task is to perform tricks with the knife around your hand and fingers. Be careful, don’t harm or cut yourself....

Five Finger Pellet
3 plays

Check out your parking skills with a great Awesome Truck Parking flash game! It is completely different from the parking games you know: it is much better! Customize your truck with bright vinyls, spolers and colours to make it look special and uniqu...

Awesome Truck Parking
142 plays

Robbed Eggs is a ridiculous online flash game, which is a great time waster during the boring working day. Your task is to shoot the robbed eggs back into the nest. Use all your aiming skills in order to pass all the levels. Have fun! ...

Robbed Eggs
139 plays

A brand new Industry online game is quite simple but funny. The rule is that you have to do the things the game tells you. Do your best to create a domino effect and make the things happen one after another. Think well and find out a perfect successi...

105 plays

Tractor Racing Championship is a brand new amazing online racing flash game, in which you must show all your driving skills in order to prove everybody that you are the best racer ever. Unlock new tracks and new tractors after each 3 levels. Don’t ...

Tractor Racing Championship
94 plays