Bomber Jack 2

Bomber Jack 2
Fall Down 2 Fall Down 2
Fall Down 2

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Published on 15, 2017


Try our brand new online flash game, which is the second part of the world famous online flash game called Fall Down. This game is very similar to the Bounce game. Your task is to lead the ball to the finish. The problem is that you will get squished in the top of the screen, if you move slowly. Pay attention to the fact that the level increases every 10 seconds and it gets faster and faster, so be careful! Try to survive as long as possible in order to set a new high-score. Enjoy the game!

There are many monsters and there are many weapons. Have you already understood what is to be done? Use your weapons effectively to destroy as many monsters as you can. Have luck!...

137 plays

A brand new puzzle Mario VS Sonic flash game is coming! It is popular among the kids all over the world and it is free! The game has two modes - jigsaw and sliding. Choose the one you like the most and enjoy the game. If you choose jigsaw mode, drag ...

Mario vs Sonic Puzzle
146 plays

Time for fun and entertainment! Blow up all the things until they won’t appear under the blue line. Choose out of bombs, fireworks and rockets to win. Learn more about their abilities, as each acts differently and can help you at a definite period ...

Epic Blast
140 plays

Have a great time with a brand new Cruel Balls online game! Get rid of the enemies and their castles with the help of your cannon. Control your weapon and shoot the balls! Use the mouse to aim and shoot. Enjoy the game! ...

145 plays

Train your very own ninja in Ninja trainer. Whomever thinks of following this path must perform many tasks and train very often giving your very best. Starting with dodging falling rocks and using your speed and agility, show your master that you can...

Ninja Trainer
124 plays

We are glad to present you this brand new ridiculous puzzle based online flash game. The story is that an elephant is sleeping in the jungle but it is one little problem. He snores very loud and nobody else can sleep now. So you must help the animals...

Snoring Before Time
85 plays

Good tidings for car adorers! In this game, you will receive a perfect chance to testify your driving skills at full! Compete against other drivers and beat the time limitations. Gather all helpful items and enhance your results. Have fun and enjoy i...

Tunnel Car Rush
3 plays

Take part in the tremedous battle betweem Man and Chicken! Don't let the stupid chicks get control over the world! ...

Family Guy : Fighting Game
161 plays