Board Puzzles 2015

Board Puzzles 2015

Noughts and Crosses 2PG

Noughts and Crosses 2PG
Elegant Puzzles Book Elegant Puzzles Book
Elegant Puzzles Book

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Published on 21, 2017


We have good news for all the puzzle-based online flash games. Try our brand new game called Elegant Puzzles Book. There a lot of various puzzles in this game and you must use all your puzzle solving and brain skills in order to solve all of them. Pay attention to the fact that you must pass all the puzzles in order to complete this game. Each puzzle explains you how to solve it and gives the instructions for you. I am sure that you will like this game. Enjoy the game!

Try our brand new online flash game, which is very similar to the famous Zuma game, but in Bubble Odyssey your objective is to shoot all the crystal balls from the game board. Notice that instead of Zuma they don’t move. Use all your aiming skills ...

Bubble Odyssey
98 plays

Use the power of gravity to enjoy success in this entertaining game. Drive a fast vehicle and meet hazardous obstacles. You can drive on the walls and ceiling at fast speed. The lasers will be hunting you and you have to survive as long as you can to...

Gravity Driver
116 plays

Bumble Bee has been seriously harmed in the battle against evil decepticons. His leg cannot move and Sam gets him on his truck to get him out of troubles. The brave autobot will be shooting the enemies to make them move slower. It’s your chance to ...

Bumble Bee Rescue Mission
107 plays

We are glad to present you this second part of the famous online flash game called Hanger. Pay attention to the fact that this game has endless levels, so it is a great time killer both for children and for adults. Do your best and try to avoid hungr...

Hanger 2 Endless Level Pack
62 plays

Penguin Families is a funny, but challenging puzzle game! Your objective is to transport all the penguins on the other side of the river using the floating ice. You will notice that all the peguins are in pairs of a father and a son. You can recogniz...

Penguin Families
130 plays

Canon Blaster 2 is one more interesting and addictive puzzle online, in which you will have to shoot yourself from the cannon. Your objective is to reach the treasure chest at the end of the level. To shoot from the cannon, press spacebar. Use arrow ...

Canon Blaster 2
63 plays

Your good friend Spongebob likes driving the motorcycles. Nevertheless, the traffic is great in the city and the ground is difficult to pass through. Probably, you will help him a little, ha?...

Spongebob Bike Practice
99 plays

Have fun skateboarding with Bart while playing this breathtaking Bart Boarding game! Collect all the snacks on your way to get points. Use arrow keys to move and press spacebar to jump. Show the city of Springfield who is the coolest guy here! Enjoy ...

Bart Boarding
128 plays