Randy's Empire

Randy's Empire

Sift Heads 5

Sift Heads 5
Effin' Terrorists 2 Effin' Terrorists 2
Effin' Terrorists 2

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Published on 18, 2018


Terrorists have struck again! Can you take them all down before its too late?!

There are four armies of creatures to pick from. Which one will be yours this time? Zombies? Humans? Vampires? Werewolves? Is the body warm or cold, covered with fur or dead flesh? You will love this epic strategy! Join your allies! Fight to a triump...

Mystical Battle
2 plays

We are glad to present you the third part of the famous online flash game, which has millions of fans all over the world called Purplenum Survival. As in the previous part, you play a role of a little Stickman and your objective is to protect your ba...

Purplenum Survival 3
180 plays

Kill Shot is an amazing shooting skill online flash game. This game gives you a possibility to test yourself. You task is to shoot in different targets. Pay attention to the fact that some of them are temporary, so you must shoot them at first. You w...

Kill Shot
274 plays

Use your anger as the best weapon and mean to make the revenge....

Vigilante Cop
353 plays

Meet a funny and cool game, in which your task is to kill this stickman on the yacht. You need to be careful! His death should look like the matter of accident! Have fun!...

Stickman Death Yacht
346 plays

Zombie Apocalypse has already come to the Earth! Your task is not to let the undead cross the line. Zombie Marathon is an exciting runner in which you are to run away from zombies. The main features of the game are as follows: colorful and lively 3D-...

Zombie Marathon
639 plays

Your goal is to vanquish the stick world, heading on human, giant and witch. Use your mouse to provide control. Obtain gold from mining deal and grow harvest to train your warriors. Use gold for improvements and power-ups. This will help you to be re...

Heroestick 3
501 plays

School in summer is something very boring. That’s why students and pupils like to dream. Johnny does notes about zombies. Right now, you can travel through his imagination and fill the heads of the undead with ink. Entertain!...

8 plays