Pick and Dig 2

Pick and Dig 2


Ducklings Adventure Ducklings Adventure
Ducklings Adventure

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Published on 22, 2019


Sit back and relax with this colourful spot-the-difference game, a beautiful rendition of one of the most classic past times right on your computer screen! Follow Ducky the Duckling through his adventure while spotting the differences in two seemingly identical pictures. Three levels of difficulty to test your observational skills!


This time you get an opportunity to take part in the stoy of Romeo and his beloved one! Your objective is to help Romeo have a datev with his girlfriend at night. Find and take a beautiful rose for the girl, cope with all the obstacles and overcome t...

Little Romeo Adventure
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In this breathtaking game you have a great opportunity to test your eyes and concentration. Your task is to find 5 differences between 2 photos of Audi. There are more than 10 exciting Audi photos. Use your mouse and press on the place, which is diff...

Audi Differences
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A friend in need is a friend in deed! You won't leave your friend in trouble, will you? Your best friend Amanda has just called and asked you to help her in cleaning her house. Her appartment is in terrible mess! You know it is not an easy thing to d...

A Friend in a Need
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It is the last part of the beloved game Alaska Survival Escape. As usual, your objective to escape from this snowy and cold place. Let us check if you can succeed in this quite complicated task....

Alaska Survival Escape 5
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If you are a fan of amazing thinking and mystery-solving online games that have a touch of humour, then Arrival In Hell is definitely for you! Your objective is to kill the monster and run away from the prison. First, you need to smart in order to co...

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We suppose you know the famous and beloved by everyone childish fairy-tale about The Little Red Riding Hood. Now you have a wonderful opportunity to join her in the amazing adventures! Help her to cross the dark forest and get to the house of the old...

Little Red Forest Adventures
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One more amazing puzzle game is coming! In Jumping Taxi Jigsaw your objective is to move the pieces of the puzzle and get a complete picture. You can try both jigsaw and sliding mode. There is a small difference between them, but you will notice it w...

Jumping Taxi Jigsaw
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Try this brand new game called Flash Minesweeper. This is an exciting remake of the famous Windows game, in which your objective is to locate the mines spread over the grid. Use your mouse to click on the empty spaces and space bar to match mines. Pa...

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