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Double Edged Double Edged
Double Edged

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Published on Nov 23, 2017


Be as mighty as the 300 Spartans and take on an entire army of blood thirsty foes in double Edged. Grab your sword in this hack and slash game then start cutting and splitting everything in half on your way to glory. If you feel like the enemies overwhelm you then grab a friend and let him aid you as you fight together in this challenging action fighting game!


In the brand new Urban Shootout game you get an opportunity to visit the streets of the big city. The streets are full of criminals and enemies. Take your gun and get rid of all of them! Lock and reload your weapon, when it is necessary. Take down al...

Urban Shootout
200 plays

Defense Unit is an outstanding defense game, which will bring you tons of pleasure. You will have under your command US Army military forces with which you will have to protect your base from the onslaughts of the terrorists. There will be multiple a...

Defense Unit
179 plays

There’s a lonely island no one is aware of! Racing games take places on its roads. Poco is one of the racers. He is at the wheel of his ancestors’ car. Poco races through the island in his super vehicle and collects coins to get additional points...

Poco Island Racers
216 plays

Try our brand new online flash game called Ballad Of The Cube. This is a story about a cube knight and his beloved princess. They lived in peace and harmony until one day evil wizard came and stole the beautiful cube princess. And your task is to hel...

160 plays

Meet another outstanding shooting game, which will put you to a real test. This is an unconventional game, which will bring you tons of pleasure. You will be a mercenary, whose objective is to clear up all the islands that are occupied on our planet....

The Terraspheres
185 plays

Your task is easy to understand, but hard to accomplish. Foes surround you in the darkness and you have to deal with them somehow… Put to use different types of weapon and conquer all of them. Use keys from 1 to 3 to alter weapons, spacebar to jump...

Action Shooter Night
189 plays

We have good news for all Tower Tactics online flash game fans, because developers have presented the second part of it. Pay attention to the fact that there are a lot of new game modes and more exciting campaigns you can play. Enjoy the game! ...

Tower Tactics 2
147 plays

WWII may be over but not for everyone. For all those airplane enthusiasts out there, we give you Battle Over Berlin 2. Fly your military aircraft and conquer the skies as you take on several rival forces in a fierce dogfight over Berlin. Loops, air t...

Battle Over Berlin 2
176 plays