Bubble Shooter A New Challenge

Bubble Shooter A New Challenge

Bubble Shooter Christmas Wheel

Bubble Shooter Christmas Wheel
Door To My Heart Door To My Heart
Door To My Heart

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Published on Dec 16, 2018


Door To My Heart is a brand new amazing platform based online flash game, in which you play a role of a real prince. The problem is that your Princess has been trapped in a cage by a mean witch. And as you have understood, your objective is to save the princess as fast as possible. There are 20 exciting levels in this game and every next level is more difficult than the previous one. Pay attention to the fact the exit doors will open only after you have collected all the hearts. It for sure won`t be an easy task, because there will be a lot of obstacles on your way such as; lasers and many nasty enemies. Good luck!

Mad Trucker is a very simple but exciting racing online flash game, in which your task is to drive your track as fast as possible avoiding other trucks and cars. Enjoy the game! ...

Mad Trucker
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Try our brand new online flash game called Jump Jim Jump. You play as a construction worker Jim. Your task in this exciting game is to reach the top of enormous high tower. Be careful, avoid different obstacles and angry enemies on your way. Do your ...

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We have good news for all the fishing online flash games fans. Try our brand new game, but instead of fish you must catch fairies. Try getting as many fairies as you can in a short time to win. Pay attention to the fact that you can catch 5 fairies o...

Fairy Fishing
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Lots of running and shooting as well as entertainment can be met in this fantastic shooter. Operating with a bionic hero, try to get rid of all aliens that wish to take the Earth under control. To get higher scores and succeed, open novel weapons. Th...

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How many brave firefighters do you know? Ready to join the list? Fight against infernos! Extinguish fires! Save lives! Save properties! What will you get? Respect, money! The latter will help in upgrading skills & abilities to succeed in other confla...

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We have good news for all the Memory series flash games. Try our brand new part called Garbage Trucks. Your objective is the same as in any other Memory game and it means that you must find and match the same pictures in order to remove them from the...

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Playing this fascinating game called Back to Planet Earth, you will delve into an amazing space world, where you will receive a tremendous opportunity to take a journey throughout the Solar System, visiting 7 planets. Prior trying your own abilities ...

Back To Planet Earth
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Help Spiderman in this exciting flash game. Your task is to collect as many spider coins as you can. Beware of angry evil characters, who will try to kill you. So, path different obstacles and get ready for the great adventure. Good luck!...

Spiderman Trilogy
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