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Don't Eat Me

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Published on 23, 2019


Don't Eat Me

Your task is to save the world from martian`s attack. All you need is to find out, where their attack plan is hidden. Be attentive, because they are looking for you!...

Duck Dodgers Planet 8 from Upper Mars: Mission 3
6 plays

Let's check out your flying skills with the fantastic brand new Omega Box online game! Your main goal is to take your jetpack and get to the finish line. You will have to fly thorugh the open space, avoid obstacles and collect plasma to keep your je...

259 plays

PushIt is a captivating and interesting physics-based skill online game, in which your task is to cope with the red angry opponents. You have to turn the smiley from a block to a ball in order to let them roll or stop. Some special items will help yo...

397 plays

In this game your task is to lead a funny hamster Harry through different pipes and labyrinths. Don`t forget to use stuff, which you pick up during your way! Do your best to complete all the levels! ...

Harry the Hamster 2
414 plays

We are glad to present you the next part of the famous tower defense online flash game called Monsters TD. In this game you must use all your strategical skills in order to kill all the weird and freaky monsters before they pass the maze. Pay attenti...

Monsters TD 2
630 plays

There is a disks collection you own. Move them. Make others become the same color. Players may say this game is for kids! Yet, even grown-ups find it arduous. Relying on luck is not enough. Well-deserved success is hard to achieve. Try and prove you ...

624 plays

Create different attractive drinks and earn as much money as you can. Note that the bar will soon close, so you must hurry. Don’t forget about upgrades, which will sufficiently help you in compiling cash....

Latin Heat
1652 plays

Downhill Snowboard 3 is a cool and awesome physics-based snowboard online game, which offers you a great deal of players, tricks, levels and fun! Let's check out your skills and prove that you have necessary skills to ride the avalanches! Get chased ...

Downhill Snowboard 3
1273 plays