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Dog Memory Game

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Published on 22, 2018


Do you like dogs? If your answer is yes, then you must for sure try this brand new online flash game called Dog Memory Game. Your objective is the same as in any other part of Memory games. It means that you must find two same dogs and match them in order to remove from the game board. You will pass the level only after you have removed all the pictures. In this memory game you’ll be able to find all your friends: Chihuahuas, Labradors and other super cute canines! Try to be as fast as possible in order to set a new high-score. Good luck!

We are glad to present you this great matching memory game called Cartoon Car. Your task in this game is to find two similar carton car`s pictures and match them in order to remove them from the board. Your task is to remove all the pictures in the l...

Cartoon Car Memory
274 plays

Let's check how attentive you are with a great Monte Carlo Find the Numbers game! In this game you have to find numbers, which are well hidden all over the picture. Demonstrate your power of observation by completing the task. Be careful and try to c...

Monte Carlo Find the Numbers
314 plays

Here, everything is simple – join the pieces of the picture and win. Have fun!...

Swap It Et
247 plays

According to the title, your task is to complete the image of Military Hummer. Pay attention to the fact that it is a real Jigsaw puzzle game, so you must do your best in order to create an image. Pay attention to the fact that in this game you can c...

Military Hummer Jigsaw
194 plays

Dad hopes to close the local candy store, suspecting that they are using too much sugar in their candies. Help him to win this sweet competition by performing various tasks. It will be his Sweet Revenge! ...

Sweet Revenge
301 plays

We are glad to present you the second part of the famous adventure puzzle online flash game called Hat Air 2. In this game your task is to control a beautiful balloon and lead it through various obstacles. Use the fan to control the direction and how...

Hot Air 2
208 plays

Time to protect your land has come! After the epidemic broke out, many brave warriors tried to manage it, yet no one coped with the mission. Now it is your turn. Meet allies and set the plan. Fight and restore the city! Protect those, who survived, f...

608 plays

Do you like escape online flash games? If your answer is yes, then our brand new online flash game called Kohinoor Diamond Recovery is really for you. As you know, Kohinoor Diamond is the most famous and valuable diamond in the world. The story is th...

Kohinoor Diamond Recovery
272 plays