Samurai Panda 2

Samurai Panda 2

Marksmen Hunter

Marksmen Hunter
Dodo hunt Dodo hunt

Published on Dec 11, 2017


Dodo hunt is a ridiculous online flash, in which your task is to shoot all the dodo birds. Pay attention to the fact that you will lose, if you miss too many times. Do your best in order to reach the highest level possible. Good luck!

Territory War is a brand new turn based fighting online flash game, which is very addictive to play. As you have understood, your objective is very simple. You must use all your fighting skills and defeat your opponents. In each turn you have two opt...

Territory War
163 plays

Zombies Ate My Motherland is an excellent shooter, in which you must show all your shooting skills in order to win. Bloody zombies have attacked Russia and your task is to defend your Motherland. So, charge your gun and kill as many zombies as possib...

Zombies Ate My Motherland
193 plays

Cat vs Rats is a ridiculous online flash game, in which you play as a funny brave cat. Your aim is to protect the fridge, which is full of food from annoying rats. Use all the weapons you have in order to show rats that this fridge is yours. Kill the...

Cat vs Rats
191 plays

Do you like fat people? If your answe is no, than this game is definitely for you. Try our ridiculous and captivating game called Angry Chuby! Your task is to trick on fat people. Throw them with a catapult or a cannon and see how far they will fly. ...

Angry Chuby
185 plays

Distant space is waiting for you… It isn’t fun that you are looking there for. Player’s aim is to find foes, kill them and survive. The world is cruel there. Most players aren’t ready to face all the danger and obstacles. Are you? Join the br...

Juicy Space Original Edition
222 plays

Check your IQ skills out with Weapons of Maths Destruction. This game is an amazing combination of logic and shooting game. For your bullets to have enough effect you need first to provide and answer on a simple Maths question. Type the answer when i...

Weapons of Maths Destruction
148 plays

Worlds Guard is a brand new amazing tower defense online flash game. Your objective is the same as in any other tower defense game. Use all your tactical skills in order to kill all the enemies before they pass the maze. Pay attention to the fact tha...

Worlds Guard
171 plays

Super Xalaxer is a famous old school online flash game, in which you must control two spaceships at once. You can choose between several game modes such as Arcade mode and High-score mode. In the arcade mode you must kill the certain amount of enemie...

Super Xalaxer
183 plays