Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve

Crazy Flasher 5

Crazy Flasher 5
Diving Champion Diving Champion
Diving Champion

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Published on 15, 2019


Diving Champion - Aim for the middle of the target.

Zombies can be good as well. Yes, they do exist. This nice zombie has already been to the Moon and Mars and now, his desire is to get to Venus. Do whatever is needed to help it to reach the planet in the shortest terms. Be watchful with onions and al...

Zombie Head Venus
7 plays

Try and drive a police car in this amazing game. Is it easy? Is it plain? It takes much powers, special skills, experience, strength and will, of course. Besides, the intensity of parking spots makes the process much tougher, don’t you agree? For y...

V8 Police Parking
1346 plays

More points for each ball collision! Same color earns triple the points! aim the ball to hit other balls to earn points for a high score. click on ball on the button of your screen and drag the mouse to aim where it will go more balls you hit the mor...

Chromatic Collision
597 plays

Mr. Hebert hates all the tablets in the world. Help him to get rid of them. There will be a lot of impediments in your way to success. Start the game now and try to escape from the hospital. Have fun!...

Pepe Pillz
599 plays

We have good news for all the boat driving online flash games fans. Try our brand new exciting online flash game called Boat Rush. In this game you must use all your skills in order to drive the boat up the river. Try to be as gentle as possible with...

Boat Rush
1407 plays

The World of LEGO offers you another great game about war. Choose between two modes – jigsaw and sliding and try to succeed. In the first mode, you have to get the pieces in the proper position. Use Ctrl Left Click to select many pieces. There are ...

Lego Speed Chace Puzzle
213 plays

Wonderful news for the real fans of the captivating online games! In the brand new The Flood: Inception Part Two online game your task is to prevent your character getting into contact with the lava. To achieve your aim, you have to solve various phy...

The Flood: Inception Part 2
2210 plays

Help Robby the Railway Robot reach his lovely robo-girlfriend Roberta! Aide him by switching and rotating part of the railway, while accumulating as many points as you can to raise your score! But be wary of the evil robotic policemen that will try t...

The Railway Robot's Road Trip
971 plays