Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve

Crazy Flasher 5

Crazy Flasher 5
Diving Champion Diving Champion
Diving Champion

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Published on 15, 2017


Diving Champion - Aim for the middle of the target.

You probably know this ridiculous game from your IOS or Android gadgets. In this game you should help a funny creature called Pou with his journey full of different adventures. Your task is to take care of Pou, to feed him and to wash him. Don’t fo...

Pou Adventures
161 plays

This is the second part of the amazing online flash game called 3 Pandas. Now they are back and as usual they are trying to escape from dangerous places. This time they try to defeat the darkness of the night. Pandas also have their special abilities...

179 plays

One of the greatest things is a chance to play your favorite cartoons and with their main heroes. In this very game, you will play as beloved and smart Jerry the mouse. You should gather all the cheese and overcome all the rivals. Entertain as you wi...

143 plays

Welcome Mr. Choco-Koko. The character finds it extremely tough to collect all balls around him. Can you be his helping hand? Pick three or more balls. They must be of the same color. Pick all of them right before the time goes out. If a player fails,...

Ball Ball
147 plays

Stacksz in an amazing puzzle-based online flash game, in which you can test your building skills. Your objective in this game is to put shapes on top of each other. Don’t think that it will be an easy task, because you must try to keep balance. You...

119 plays

You are the owner of an extremely beautiful garden. To make it bloom all the season round, one has to take care of it. Irrigate the land, if you want your vegetables and flowers grow. Gardening is a tough job. But who told you that your character is ...

161 plays

Mario and Luigi are inviting you to take part in their amazing and funny adventures. You can join them on There you will receive a tremendous opportunity to play this or any other similar game about adventures of these two super b...

122 plays

What an interesting side scrolling game! Make Mr. Fox run as fast as possible without hitting the obstacles, which are on his way. One more interesting thing about the game is that it has a flare of a b&W cartoon....

Mr. Fox
142 plays